Basic Info

Level: 150
Attack power: 34,544-52,161
Experience: 577,368
Animal Type
Special feature: Stun Immunity
Magic skill: Soul Trap
Boss: Yes

Location InfoEdit

Location Neighborhood X Y
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[[{{{location_2}}}]] [[{{{Neighborhood_2}}}]] {{{X_Coord_2}}} {{{Y_Coord_2}}}
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[[{{{location_4}}}]] [[{{{Neighborhood_4}}}]] {{{X_Coord_4}}} {{{Y_Coord_4}}}
[[{{{location_5}}}]] [[{{{Neighborhood_5}}}]] {{{X_Coord_5}}} {{{Y_Coord_5}}}
[[{{{location_6}}}]] [[{{{Neighborhood_6}}}]] {{{X_Coord_6}}} {{{Y_Coord_6}}}
[[{{{location_7}}}]] [[{{{Neighborhood_7}}}]] {{{X_Coord_7}}} {{{Y_Coord_7}}}

Item InfoEdit

Items Ratio
Sorcerer's Mask Very Low
Root of Life Low
Titanium Ingot Very Low
Adamantium Ingot Very Low
Platinum Ingot Low
Ruby Low
Opal Low
Blue Sapphire Very Low
Vindictive Soul Imprint Low
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[[{{{Item_11}}}]] {{{Ratio_11}}}
[[{{{Item_12}}}]] {{{Ratio_12}}}
[[{{{Item_13}}}]] {{{Ratio_13}}}
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[[{{{Item_15}}}]] {{{Ratio_15}}}

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