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Craftable ItemsEdit

LevelItemCrafting MaterialsWorkloadExp Gain/Batch
1 [Ring of Strength]×1 [Ashen Crystal]×2
[Iron Sand]×20
3500 70
[Ring of Dexterity]×1
[Ring of Vitality]×1
[Ring of Intelligence]×1
5 [Ring of Dull Swords]×1 [Ashen Crystal]×10
6500 130
[Ring of Blunt Spears]×1
[Ring of Dull Axes]×1
[Ring of Broken Arrows]×1
[Ring of Wet Gunpowder]×1
[Ring of Empty Cannons]×1
[Ring of Null Magic]×1
10 [Ring of the Wiseman]×1 [Ashen Crystal]×30
40000 800
[Ring of the Phoenix]×1
[Ring of Wind]×1
[Ring of the Hero]×1
25 [[[Ring of the Gale]]]x1

[[[Ring of Eternity]]]x1

[[[Ring of the Hermit]]]x1

[[[Ashen Jewel]]]x10

[[[Gold Ingot]]]x180


[[[Fusing Agent]]]x10


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