An action is an ability that a player can perform. Initially, players do not know how to perform any actions. Actions can be learnt by using items that teach the action. The action window can be accessed from the game menus by choosing My Info -> Expression -> Action.

Some actions can be improved by increasing their level while others have no level and cannot be improved once learnt. Some actions can be performed in combat while others can only be performed when out of combat.

List of actionsEdit

A list of each action and the items which teach the action are shown in the table below. Also shown is the maximum level that the action can reach, the shortcut key that can be used to activate the action, and whether each action can be used in or out of combat.

Action Item Level Key Out of combat In combat
Sit [Action: Sit] - x Check Cross
Search All [Action: Search All] - x Cross Check
Auto-Craft [Action: Auto-Craft (I)]
[Action: Auto-Craft (II)]
[Action: Auto-Craft (III)]
120 z Check Cross

[Action: Fishing (I)]
[Action: Fishing (II)]
[Action: Fishing (III)]

120 v Check


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