Africa is the highest level questing zones in the Surface World area of the World of Atlantica.


Towns Edit

There is only one town in Africa.

Questing Areas Edit

Spirit Pasture Edit

  • Arid Forest (Skirmish)
  • Spirit Plains (Skirmish)
  • Spirit's Rest (Skirmish)
  • Dogon Defense
  • Desecration
  • Act of War
  • Journey Home
  • Signs of Antiquity
  • Balance Restored
  • Into the Spirit Realm
  • The Spirit God
  • Revenge of the Spirits
  • Unification

Valley of the Wild Beasts Edit

  • Forest of the Beasts
  • Graves of the Courageous
  • Dismal Bog
  • Zulu Village
  • Crossroads of Scream
  • Ravenous Valley
  • Jungle of the Beast
  • Nest of the Empress
  • Forbidden Land
  • Sunless Forest

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