Alcatraz prison guard

Alcatraz Prison Guard

Basic Info

Level: 116
Attack power: 17280-23250
Experience: 58245
Evil Type
Special feature: Stun Immunity
Magic skill: Death Claw
Boss: Yes


Cellblock A-1Vancouver Southwest

|- |Cellblock A-2||Vancouver Southwest||style="padding: 0;"| |- |Cellblock A-3||Vancouver Southwest||style="padding: 0;"| |- |Cellblock B-1||Vancouver Southwest||style="padding: 0;"| |- |Cellblock B-2||Vancouver Southwest||style="padding: 0;"| |- |Cellblock B-3||Vancouver Southwest||style="padding: 0;"|

Items DroppedEdit

[Freezing Equipment Box]Very Low
[Divine Equipment Box]Very Low
[Volcano Valley Equipment Box]High
[Conqueror's Equipment Box]Medium
[Prison Officer's Safe]Low

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