Ancient aboriginal statue

Ancient Aboriginal Statue

Basic Info

Level: 119
Attack power: 9376-11676
Experience: 26244
Human Type
Magic skill: None


North AmericaNew York West

Items DroppedEdit

[Oil]Very Low
[Platinum Ingot]Very Low
[Nickel]Very Low
[Adamantium Ingot]Very Low
[Steel Ingot]Very Low
[Mithril Ingot]Very Low
[Hero's Blood]Very Low
[Revival Plant]Very Low
[Divine Armor Box]Very Low
[Divine Weapon Box]Very Low
[Frozen Savior's Equipment Box]Very Low
[Frozen Defender's Equipment Box]Very Low
[Frozen Destroyer's Equipment Box]Very Low
[Soft Hair]Very Low
[Solid Shell]Very Low
[Sharpened Claw]Very Low
[Sharp Tooth]Very Low
[Ruby]Very Low
[Blue Sapphire]Very Low
[Blue Onyx]Very Low
[Red Onyx]Very Low
[Small Diamond]Very Low
[Opal]Very Low
[Tears of Teteoinan]Low
[Powder of Musk]Low
[Depraved Seed]Very Low

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