Antidote (I)
File:Antidote (low).jpg
Item stats
Type: Medicine
Min level: 1
Craftable: Yes
Crafting Skill: Medicine
Skill Level: 3
Fixed Price: 1500

Basic InfoEdit

  • Cures the poison (Acid Bubble and Paralyzing Poison) from one mercenary
  • Required Level: 30
  • Action Power cost: 50
  • Casting time (vs Monsters): 1 turn
  • Casting time (vs Players): 1 turn
  • Cannot be sold at auction

Crafting Edit

Production Rate: 5 per batch.
Necessary workload: 270
Medicine skill must be 3 or higher.
Experience gained per batch: 5.4
Crafting Materials
Mandrake Root15

Craftable ItemsEdit

Dropped by monsters


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