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This page discussed crafting of Armor. See Craft for crafting other equipment types.

This table lists only craftable armor, see Armor for a complete list of armors, including non-craftable ones.

Craftable ItemsEdit

Level Item Materials Workload
1 [Spirit Armor] [Iron Sand]×3
4 [Red Soul Robe] [Coral]×3
[Iron Sand]×2
[Embroidery Thread]×2
[Earth Element Shard]×5
5 [Deep-Sea Light Armor]
6 [Ocean Heavy Armor]
9 [Krishna's Robe]

[Iron Sand]×5
[Earth Element Shard]×10

10 [Ogre Light Armor]
11 [Rakshasa's Heavy Armor]
16 [Savior's Robe] [Silver Ingot]×11
[Copper Ore]×4
[Embroidery Thread]×8
[Earth Element Shard]×25
[Sea Element Shard]×2
18 [Assassin's Light Armor]
20 [Destroyer's Heavy Armor]
26 [Walachia Robe] [Embroidery Thread]×20
[Silver Ingot]×35
[Sea Element Shard]×10
28 [Walachia Light Armor]
30 [Walachia Heavy Armor]
31 [Blood Knight Robe] [Embroidery Thread]×70
[Silver Ingot]×14
[Sea Element Shard]×30
33 [Blood Knight Light Armor]
36 [Blood Knight Heavy Armor]
36 [Anu Priest Robe] [Gold Ingot]×13
[Silver Ingot]×10
[Silver Thread]×20
[Thick Animal Bone]×20
[Sea Element Shard]×10
[Flame Element Shard]×6
39 [Anu Warrior Light Armor]
42 [Anu Warrior Heavy Armor]
42 [Gilgamesh Robe] [Gold Ingot]×13
[Silver Ingot]×10
[Silver Thread]×20
[Thick Animal Bone]×10
[Sea Element Shard]×15
[Flame Element Shard]×6
[Gilgamesh's Sword Shard]×1
[Warrior's Sign]×1
43 [Gilgamesh Light Armor]
44 [Gilgamesh Heavy Armor]
44 [Thoth's Robe] [Silver Ingot]×65
[Gold Ingot]×25
[Thick Animal Bone]×10
[Slab of Lumber]×20
[Colorful Fabric]×1
[Flame Element Shard]×20
46 [Amon's Light Armor]
48 [Amon's Heavy Armor]
50 [Ghost Conjurer Robe] [Colorful Fabric]×2
[Big Slab of Lumber]×20
[Ghost Mask]×2
[Silver Ingot]×20
[Gold Ingot]×10
[Large Animal Bone]×5
[Earth Element]×2
[Storm Element Shard]×15
[Thick Animal Bone]×20
[Platinum Ingot]×10
52 [Ghost Gunner Light Armor]
54 [Ghost Warrior Heavy Armor]
56 [Dragon Breath Robe] [Colorful Fabric]×6
[Big Slab of Lumber]×15
[Large Animal Bone]×15
[Platinum Ingot]×60
[Storm Element Shard]×25
[Earth Element]×10
[Thick Animal Bone]×20
58 [Dragon Slayer Light Armor]
60 [Dragon Heart Heavy Armor]
62 [Gold Dragon Robe] [Platinum Ingot]×29
[Gold Ingot]×10
[Earth Element]×48
[Thick Animal Bone]×20
[Gold Dragon Scale]×15
[Warrior's Sign]×1
64 [Gold Dragon Light Armor]
66 [Gold Dragon Heavy Armor]
68 [Conqueror's Robe] [Colorful Fabric]×15
[Large Animal Bone]×20
[Large Diamond]×1
[Earth Element]×30
[Sea Element]×40
[Crazy Lord's Seal]×2
70 [Conqueror's Light Armor]
72 [Conqueror's Heavy Armor]
74 [Freezing Robe] [Colorful Fabric]×35
[Adamantium Ingot]×10
[Large Animal Bone]×50
[Sea Element]×50
[Energy of Wind]×10
[Energy of Hail]×10
[Frozen Soul]×30
[Platinum Ingot]×45
76 [Freezing Light Armor]
78 [Freezing Heavy Armor]
80 [Divine Robe] [Gorgeous Colorful Fabric]×13
[Imitation Oriharukon]×1
[Adamantium Ingot]×1
[Animal Replica]×2
[Sea Element]×160
[Energy of Sky]×10
82 [Divine Light Armor]
84 [Divine Heavy Armor]
86 [Depraved Robe] [Gorgeous Colorful Fabric]×7
[Imitation Oriharukon]×1
[Animal Replica]×3
[Sea Element]×280
[Revival Plant]×30
[Hero's Blood]×3
[Depraved Seed]×2
[Platinum Ingot]×20
88 [Depraved Light Armor]
90 [Depraved Heavy Armor]
92 [Phoenix's Robe] [Gorgeous Colorful Fabric]×15
[Imitation Oriharukon]×1
[Refined Mithril Ingot]×1
[Alchemist's Stone]×1
[Enriched Adamantium Ingot]×1
[Flame Element]×200
[Animal Replica]×5
[Oriental Mushroom]×100
[Phoenix's Feather]×8
94 [Phoenix's Light Armor]
96 [Phoenix's Heavy Armor]
106 [Dragon God's Robe] [Gorgeous Colorful Fabric]×30
[Dragon God's Wishstone]×8
[Enriched Adamantium Ingot]×1
[Titanium Ingot]×50
[Flame Element]×380
[Animal Replica]×25
[Oriental Mushroom]×90
[Dragon God's Ire]×50
[Weapon & Armor Mold]×50
108 [Dragon God's Light Armor]
110 [Dragon God's Heavy Armor]
116 [Evil Robe] [Evil Imprint]×15
[Vindictive Soul Imprint]×150
[Storm Element]×250
[Atlantis Silver Coin]×10
[Craftsman's Soul]×100
[Imitation Oriharukon]×3
[Alchemist's Stone]×1
[Monster Egg]×600
[Evil Soul Extract]×500
118 [Evil Light Armor]
120 [Evil Heavy Armor]
123 [Pegasus Robe] [Oriharukon]×20
[Pegasus Tear]×13
[Fused Devil Stone]×1
[Atlantis Silver Coin]×20
[Storm Element]×300
[Expert's Soul]×20
[Enhanced Titanium Ingot]×1
[Sorcerer's Mask]×50
[Root of Life]×200
124 [Pegasus Light Armor]
125 [Pegasus Heavy Armor]
129 [Dark Pegasus Robe] [Oriharukon]×40
[Corrupted Unicorn Tear]×15
[Fused Devil Stone]×1
[Atlantis Gold Coin]×10
[Earth Essence]×100
[Expert's Soul]×50
[Enhanced Titanium Ingot]×1
[Anarchy Stone]×500
130 [Dark Pegasus Light Armor]
131 [Dark Pegasus Heavy Armor]
132 [Judgment Robe] [Light of Judgment]×1
[Atlantis Gold Coin]×10
[Earth Essence]×100
[Corrupted Unicorn Tear]×10
[Anarchy Stone]×250
133 [Judgment Light Armor]
134 [Judgment Heavy Armor]
135 [Twilight Robe] [Sunset Afterglow]×1
[Earth Essence]×150
[Atlantis Gold Coin]×15
[Shard of Beginning]×10
[Fused Devil Stone]×3
136 [Twilight Light Armor]
137 [Twilight Heavy Armor]
140 [Riederan's Robe] [Riederan's Soul Shard]×30
[Voice of Terror]×300
[Atlantis Gold Coin]×200
[Sunset Afterglow]×10
[Earth Essence]×500
140 [Riederan's Light Armor]
140 [Riederan's Heavy Armor]

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