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The free Atlantica Online information source that everyone can edit since July 22, 2008.

Fellow Atlantians, remember to transfer your accounts from Nexon to VALOFE before January 4, 2017!


Atlantica Online News

September 29, 2016: The schedule of the Service transfer of Atlantica Online to VALOFE is now here!

Pre -Service Transfer Campaign: 10/5/2016 (10:00 AM CEST) until 1/5/2017 (9:59AM CEST)

Start of Atlantica VALOFE Service: 1/6/2017 After service transfer maintenance.

See details on the new Atlantica Online North America Facebook page:

July 17, 2016: VALOFE Facebook Page opens for Atlantica Online NA

Visit the new Atlantica Online North America Facebook page:

July 13, 2016: Publishing rights for Atlantica Online will be transferred to VALOFE

See transfer notice from Nexon here:

Patches Page Added

Hi all, from editor Smashix.

I have been updating Craft pages. All Weapon (craft)s are up-to-date, as well as Armor (craft), Pants (craft) and Gauntlet (craft). All Main Character pages have been updated with all Skills and their description. The complete Skills List is up-to-date with all 238 skills in the game.

Visit the all new game Atlantica Online Wikia Update and Patches page that lists Atlantica Online patches with highlights and links to detailed patch notes pages.

I am concerned that we will lose valuable game information after the transfer from Nexon to VALOFE, if or when the Nexon AO site goes offline. So, I have been mining as much information from that site as I can, starting with patches and updates. I would love any help, maybe someone could start adding other info from that site, like info about mounts, weapons, etc.
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