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Atlantica Online News

What's New in Atlantica Online?

Current News & Events:

Recent News & Events:

  • March 15, 2017:
    • VALOFE sent every character above level 50 a Colorful Soul Stone (CSS) to solve the CSS price inflation issue. Check the Mailbox on each Main Character you have that is over level 50. If not claimed, the item will disappear from the Mailbox on June 15, 2017.

What's New on the Atlantica Online Wikia?

  • Main Character, Mercenary Pages Overhauled

All Main Character pages have been updated with all Skills and their description.

All Mercenary pages have been updated with all Skills, upgrade crystals and stats and recruiting information.

  • Skills Updated

The complete Skills List is up-to-date with all 238 skills in the game. Combo Skills are included in this list, as well as a separate Combo Skills page.

  • Crafting Info Updates

We have been updating Craft pages. All Weapon (craft)s are up-to-date, as well as Armor (craft), Pants (craft) and Gauntlet (craft).

  • Sockets and Star Stones fully documented

Sockets and Star Stones are fully documented. See how to socket your items, how socketing works with enchanting and upgrading, where to get stones and more.

  • Game Updates Page Added
Visit the Atlantica Online Wiki Game Updates page that lists Atlantica Online patches with highlights and links to detailed patch notes pages.
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