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Atlantica Online News

Atlantica Online Wiki celebrated its 10th Anniversary on July 22, 2018

What's New in Atlantica Online?

Current News & Events:

Do you have questions about Atlantica Online? Problem with quests? Trouble finding a monsters, answer to a quest question or something similar? Post a question to our Forum and we will try to help you!

  • Max Level Cap has increased to 180!

Recent News & Events:

  • April 20, 2017:
    • Purification Tower, a whole new dungeon where you can obtain new best-in-slot shoes and gauntlets, as well as many other rewards.
      On the west coast of Rome, a ship awaits you to embark to the coast of Sardinia.

What's New on the Atlantica Online Wikia?

  • Skills Updated

The complete Skills List is up-to-date with all 250+ skills in the game. Combo Skills are included in this list, as well as a separate Combo Skills page. Every Skill also has its own page now.

  • Main Character, Mercenary Pages Overhauled

Most Mercenary pages have been updated with an Assessment section that gives an overview of the mercenary's effectiveness, as well as the merc's cost of ownership (incl. cost to obtain, skill up and upgrade). I (Smashix) would love it if someone would add those to the few mercs I did not do (because I have never had those mercs).

All Main Character pages have been updated with all Skills and their description.

All Mercenary pages have been updated with all Skills, upgrade crystals and stats and recruiting information.

  • Crafting Info Updates

We have been updating Craft pages. All Weapon (craft)s are up-to-date, as well as Armor (craft), Pants (craft) and Gauntlet (craft).

  • Sockets and Star Stones fully documented

Sockets and Star Stones are fully documented. See how to socket your items, how socketing works with enchanting and upgrading, where to get stones and more.

  • Game Updates Page Added
Visit the Atlantica Online Wiki Game Updates page that lists Atlantica Online patches with highlights and links to detailed patch notes pages.
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