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Atlantica Online is a dynamic turn-based MMO!


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Thursday, Jan. 14 : Patch Notes: Ascend The Tower!


Olympus Tower Additions Two new floors have been added to the mighty Olympus Tower! Grab some buddies and take on the new floors—Survival Dungeon (Warrior) and Survival Dungeon (Hero). In addition, Olympus Tower will now feature “hot” floors. Each day, two floors will be randomly chosen as that day’s “hot” floors. While you will have to pay double the normal gold fee to enter, these floors will have higher drop rates and give more EXP, and may even give double the reward boxes.

Jupiter Weapons Six new Jupiter weapons have been added. These weapons can be obtained via Jupiter’s Authority from Olympus Tower rewards.

Zombie, Pharaoh, and Three Kings Invasions Riederan has not just one, but three new plans for invasion!

Ice Rink Dungeon Event Event Dates: January 14 – February 18.

Thursday, Jan. 14 : Pandora Coin Shop and New Mercenary Skins!


Pandora Coin Shop The Pandora Coin Shop is a special new way to get rare and powerful items. The Pandora Coin Shop contains a massive variety of items, including Weapons, Mounts, Decorations, Mercenaries and more.

New Mercenary Skins We've also got a fine selection of new Mercenary Skins for you! These fresh looks for your favorite Mercenaries can be purchased, as always, from Erin in the Rome Bazaar for Mercenary Skin Coupons and will be available indefinitely.
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