Auto-Battle (AB) lets your team of mercenaries and hero fight automatically.

  • Auto-Battle will be available for the time of the license.
  • Can only be activated when your Main Character is not in battle. This means the license, not the Auto-Battle activity, which can be enabled in and out of battle.
  • If a player is already using an Auto-Battle License, the existing license's expiration date will be extended for the duration of the new license (it does not start over at 0).
  • A player will accumulate 5 Auto-Battle Points (up to maximum 50 points), for each manual battle.
  • If you have an active Auto-Battle License, an Auto-Battle Upgrade License lets you instantly refresh your Auto-Battle Points.
  • License time consumption will pause during server maintenances and will resume when the server reopens.
  • Check the Buffs window for remaining days and time on this license.

Versions Edit

  • Auto-Battle License I (1 Day)
  • Auto-Battle License II (1 Day)
  • Auto-Battle License III (1 Day)
  • Auto-Battle License IV (1 Day)
  • Auto-Battle License V (1 Day)
  • Auto-Battle License VI (14 Days)
  • Auto-Battle License (1 Day)
  • Auto-Battle License (7 Days)
  • Auto-Battle License (30 Days)
  • Auto-Battle License (60 Days)
  • Auto-Battle License (90 Days)
  • Auto-Battle License (110 Days)

Sources Edit

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