The Bombardier is a Cannon main character class.

Wielding a heavy cannon with ease, you bombard the enemies with your cannonballs, striking your foes in a cross pattern. You have high vitality. With high vitality, you excel at knocking entire groups of enemies unconscious at the same time. Though you are slower than other you Deep Insight magic reveals the enemies' vitality, making you a valuable ally. A character who uses cannon cannot attack the enemies in the air.

Summary Edit


  • Bombardiers are decent damage dealers and have high defense and vitality compared to other ranged classes.
  • They are the ultimate stun masters. Their ability to attack up to five enemies puts a lot of pressure on an opponent in a PvP match. In PvE, Cannon Mains can clear monsters quickly.
  • They enjoy very high accuracy and can get multiple kills with one shot.


  • They are ineffective against flying monsters and lack strong magic skills.
  • Its Action Power is a bit low, so you’ll have to plan your shots to make them truly effective.

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Skills Edit

Level 100 Upgrade Skill Edit

You must complete the Main Character level 100 Upgrade quest line to learn this skill.

Level 120 Upgrade Skills Edit

You can learn only one of these skills. These skills can only be learned after level 120 upgrade.