A chat is an in-game typed conversation.

Atlantica Online chat window with options

Chat allows you to chat with other players in game. There are tabs at the bottom of the chat window at the bottom left of the user interface that allow you to view and participate in various ongoing chats.

You can also send a whisper to another player to start a private conversation.

Chat Tabs Edit

  • Location: Chat with players near you
  • Guild: Chat with players in your guild
  • Nation: Chat with players in your nation
  • Peers: Chat with players around the same level as your main
  • Party: Chat with players in your party
  • Squad: Chat with players in your squad

Atlantica Online chat emoticons

Press Enter to start chat, then type some text and press Enter again to post to the current chat tab.

Emoticons Edit

Click on the emoticon button to see all possible emoticons that can be used in text, as well as they text substitutions.

Chat Display Edit

The bottom chat window displays actual chat text for all of the selected chat tabs. This window can only be resized vertically, but not hidden. You can use the options check boxes to toggle which chats to see.

Notice Area Edit

The Notice Area is the window just above the chat window. This area displays notices of many kinds, and you can configure which you wish to see in the Notice options you can bring up by clicking the checkbox icon at the bottom right of the Notice Area.