Combination Skills are triggered by multiple Skills being cast on the same character(s).

Also see the full Skills List.

Skill Description Skill Order
Annihilation Annihilation Cancels enemy magic and deals damage to Magic Points. Retribution + Beating Sun

Retribution + Primal Monsoon

Retribution + Purifying Path

Bomb attack Bomb Attack Damage Ranged enemies by bombing their location multiple times. Smoke Bomb + Family Signet

Smoke Bomb + Imperial Signet

Smoke Bomb + Royal Signet

Smoke Bomb + Tribal Signet

Bursting beam Bursting Beam Damage all enemies with explosion of light. Destructive Wind + Evanescent Scud
Destructive wind Destructive Wind Damage the enemy by dropping a tornado in the middle of the enemy's formation. Chaos Wind +

Break Down

Divine slash Divine Slash Damages enemies with a powerful sword of light. Deals random damage. Vortex + Light Slash
Enraged beast's soul Enraged Beast's Soul The Enraged Beast's Soul imbues the Druid's allies with more powerful abilities. Beast's Soul + War Cry
Green dragon's roar Green Dragon's Roar Greatly reduces the offensive power of Ranged enemies. Green Dragon's Rage + Beast's Soul
Hell flame Hell Flame Damage enemy drastically by surrounding them with flames of darkness. Dark Seed + Hex of Darkness
Mind breaker Mind Breaker Attacks the enemy's mind, destroying the effects of magic such as Brutal Will and Seth's Will. Brutal Will + Mana Trap

Divine Will + Mana Trap

Seth's Will + Mana Trap

Tarkan's Will + Mana Trap

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