Craft tiers
Title Level
Apprentice 1
Artisan 11
Craftsman 21
Expert 51
Master 71
Grandmaster 91
Perfect Artisan 111

Crafting is the ability to make new items from component items. There are dozens of craft skills available to learn and no limit to how many a single player can learn at once. Craft skill ability is measured by a player's craft skill level, ranging from one to 140. The higher a craft skill level, the more items a player can craft from that discipline.

Craft Experience and Skill Ups Edit

Craft skills can be improved by gaining craft experience. Craft experience can be acquired through personal crafting (at a rate of 1 xp point per every full multiples of 50 workload required to complete the craft), guild crafting (1 xp for every 100 craft contribution), dismantling of items, analysis of items(as dismantling, but can do it only once a day, more if atlas ore used in diary, seems to give the same experience as crafting the item times a coefficient related to its enchantment bonus and multiplied again by a random factor between 1 and 20) or teaching skill levels from a given discipline.

Craft skills do not increase in level automatically upon obtaining enough experience. Instead, experience continues to accrue until the level is increased manually, either by learning from a crafting NPC or a player who is at least one tier higher.

Currently Skills can be increased up to level 140.

Crafted Item Levels Edit

When crafting items that can have + levels, such as armor and weapons, the result of the craft can range from +0 to +8. Of course, the higher the + level, the rarer such an outcome is. You will mostly get +0, but frequently +1 and +2, sometimes +3 or +4, rarely anything above that.

Getting these random higher levels when crafting can have a huge impact on the cost of crafting. If you pay for the materials to craft +0 items, but you get +2 items, the value of those resulting +2 items will be, on average, 4 times greater than +0 items. This can even make up for paying more for crafting mats than you would to simply buy the already crafted item from the market.

This applies to craftable Accessories (Necklaces and Rings), Armors, Helmets, Gauntlets, Orbs, Pants, Shields, Shoes, Weapons.

Repairing Crafted Items Edit

If you can craft an item, such as armor and weapons, you can also repair it, without loss of durability. This can save you a lot of gold compared to having to have NPC Reginn repair items for you for Atlas Ore Fragments. See the Repair page for details.

This applies to craftable Accessories (Necklaces and Rings), Armors, Helmets, Gauntlets, Orbs, Pants, Shields, Shoes, Weapons.


Teaching experience
Level Experience
1 100
2 500
11 800
21 1000
31 2000
41 3000
51 5000

Craft levels are grouped into named tiers as shown in the table above. Except for apprentices, each time a player reaches a new crafting tier for a given craft skill, the player is granted the ability to teach other players the levels contained within that tier. For example, an artisan (artisan = level 11-20 in a skill discipline) can teach players that craft skill up to skill level 10. After level 110 you can only learn skills from NPCs in Antillia Artisan District. Teaching a craft skill grants experience to the teacher, depending on the level taught.

Crafting Types Edit

Personal Crafting Edit

Personal crafts include all types of crafts listed under My Info > Crafting Skill. Excluded are My Home Crafting exclusive crafting items.

  • Only you can contribute to personal crafts, no other players can help.
  • If the Personal Craft is cancelled, you lose all of the materials for that craft job.

You can contribute to personal crafts by:

Guild Crafting Edit

Guild Crafting can be started in any town from the Town Menu > Guild Office > Options > Guild Crafting > Register Guild Craft.

  • Guild crafts can only be started by guild member with rank of Member or higher. Once registered, guild crafts can be started remotely from Community > Guild > Guild Craft.
  • Guild Craft items will be sent to the registrant’s Mailbox upon completion of the craft.
  • If the Guild Craft is stopped or the reservation is cancelled, then the materials will be sent to the registrant’s Mailbox.
  • Guild Crafts can only be stopped by the registrant or guild members of [Officer] rank and higher.
  • Guild Craft Reservations can only be cancelled by the registrant or guild members of [Officer] rank and higher.
  • Successful guild crafts contribute Guild Points to your guild.

Anyone in your guild who gains experience by killing monsters can contribute to personal crafts. Anyone in your guild who is killing monsters will contribute to an active guild crafting job unless that player has an active personal or my home crafting job. Any guild member who contributes to an active guild crafting job gains skill in the type of crafting skill that the crafting job is for.

Anyone in your guild can contribute to guild crafts by:

My Home Crafting Edit

My Home Crafting is the type of crafting that you start in your home via an Artisan you employ in your home.

  • 3 crafts can be performed simultaneously with Personal Craft, Workshop, and Kitchen.
  • My Home Crafting can also contribute to Quest Crafts.
  • Only you can contribute to personal crafts, no other players can help.

You can contribute to my home crafts by:


Quest Crafting Edit

Quest Crafting is the crafting of items specifically for quests. Quest crafts can be started from My Info > Crafting Skill > Quest. If a quest crafting job is part of an active quest, it will be listed at the top of the Quest Crafting listed and highlighted in yellow.

All other personal crafting rules apply.

Generic Crafting NPCs Edit

There are a few NPCs who can teach several crafting skills.

  • Cai Lun, south of the Sea Palace Entrance: Armor, Food, Helmet, Medicine, Stationary up to level 10
  • Ganjang, Northwest of Calcutta: Axe, Bow, Gun, Spear, Sword up to level 10
  • Gum Hwal Li, Northwest of Calcutta: Armor, Gloves, Pants, Shoes up to level 10
  • Item Droid Sion, in Antillia: all non-armor and non-weapon crafting up to level 51
  • Arms Droid Demirel, in Antillia: all weapon crafting up to level 51
  • Arms Droid Notelleon, in Antillia: all armor crafting up to level 51
  • Chichen Itza Armorsmith, in Mayapan: all armor crafting up to level 51
  • Chichen Itza Artisan, in Mayapan: all non-armor and non-weapon crafting up to level 51
  • Chichen Itza Weaponsmith, in Mayapan: all weapon crafting up to level 51

List of Craft SkillsEdit

The following NPCs can raise crafting skills past level 51.


Craft NPC Location


Turgesius Antilla Artisan District     
Bow William Tell Antilla Artisan District
Cannon Choi Moo-sun Antilla Artisan District
Gun Gatling Antilla Artisan District
Power Saw Jadun Antilla Artisan District
Spear Xiahou Yuan Antilla Artisan District
Staff Flamel Antilla Artisan District
Sword Muramasa Antilla Artisan District
Instrument Stradivari Antilla Artisan District
Fist Krakoff Antilla Artisan District
Whip Ragnas Antilla Artisan District


Craft NPC Location
Armor Wu Tugu                  Antilla Artisan District                          
Gauntlet / Fist Krakoff Antilla Artisan District
Helmet Che Ryun Antilla Artisan District
Orb Newton Antilla Artisan District
Pants Carothers Antilla Artisan District
Shield Mozi Antilla Artisan District
Shoes Marco Polo Antilla Artisan District


Craft NPC Location
Arrow Jebe                       Antilla Artisan District                           
Bullet Schmeisser Antilla Artisan District
Music Sheet  Stradivari  Antilla Artisan District
Cannonball Lee Jang-Son Antilla Artisan District


Craft NPC Location
Accessory Nitot Antilla Artisan District
Action Chaplin Antilla Artisan District                           
Book Shakespeare Antilla Artisan District
Building Gaudi Antilla Artisan District
Charm Bi Hyung Rang Antilla Artisan District
Crystal Paracelsus Antilla Artisan District
Fishing Kang Tae Gong Antilla Artisan District
Food Pierre Antilla Artisan District
License Magus Antilla Artisan District
Machine Tesla Antilla Artisan District
Mana Stone Godal Antilla Artisan District
Medicine Hua Tuo Antilla Artisan District
Scroll Magus Antilla Artisan District
Sewing Vega Antilla Artisan District
Stationary Che Ryun Antilla Artisan District
Tool Tesla Antilla Artisan District
Quest N/A N/A


The following tables show how much craft experience is needed to progress each craft skill to a given level.

Level Experience
1 0
2 42
3 104
4 204
5 364
6 612
7 976
8 1,490
9 2,193
10 3,128
11 4,341
12 5,885
13 7,818
14 10,202
15 13,106
16 16,606
17 20,780
18 25,724
19 31,540
20 38,331
Level Experience
21 46,224
22 55,350
23 65,845
24 77,869
25 91,588
26 107,175
27 124,828
28 144,750
29 167,160
30 192,295
31 220,406
32 251,753
33 286,627
34 325,326
35 368,180
36 415,530
37 467,752
38 525,232
39 588,394
40 657,675
Level Experience
41 733,546
42 816,499
43 907,062
44 1,005,781
45 1,113,245
46 1,230,060
47 1,356,876
48 1,494,365
49 1,643,244
50 1,804,255
51 1,978,188
52 2,165,847
53 2,368,499
54 2,586,879
55 2,822,194
56 3,075,629
57 3,348,452
58 3,642,020
59 3,957,785
60 4,297,300
Level Experience
61 4,662,227
62 5,054,090
63 5,474,505
64 5,925,185
65 6,407,945
66 6,924,709
67 7,477,218
68 8,067,299
69 8,696,824
70 9,367,757
71 10,082,146
72 10,842,126
73 11,650,062
74 12,508,554
75 13,420,451
76 14,388,857
77 15,417,146
78 16,508,977
79 17,668,295
80 18,899,355
Level Experience
81 20,206,727
82 21,595,301
83 23,070,505
84 24,638,311
85 26,305,266
86 28,078,511
87 29,965,813
88 31,975,578
89 34,116,885
90 36,399,509
91 38,833,942
92 41,431,421
93 44,203,958
94 47,164,362
95 50,326,392
96 53,704,797
97 57,315,344
98 61,174,862
99 65,301,264
100 69,713,595
Level Experience
101 74,567,159
102 79,954,615
103 85,988,566
104 92,806,931
105 100,579,866
106 109,441,013
107 119,631,331
108 131,452,101
109 145,164,193
110 161,207,341
111 179,977,825
112 202,126,995
113 228,263,017
114 259,364,882
115 296,376,102
116 340,419,453
117 392,831,041
118 455,200,831
119 529,420,881
120 617,742,741

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