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The Curious Scientist is a side quest chain and may be started by players of level 74 and above. The quest chain features [Pedro]. The quest objectives focus around the Sunken Machine Shrine dungeon. This quest chain can be reset by trading one [Secrets of Time: Curious Scientist] with Hui Chao.


Quest Objective Experience Gold Stamina Items
1. Thesis Torn Apart Hunt [Wild Horse] for [Torn Essay]×25 30,000 20,000 1 None
2. Mysterious stuff Fetch [Powder of Life]×5 20,000 15,000 1 None
3. Curious Scientist Kill [Crystal Safeguard] (20) 30,000 15,000 1 None
4. Mysterious Powder Use [Mysterious Powder]×1 20,000 10,000 1 None
5. For Attentive Craftsmanship Acquire [location info] on [Ghost Warrior] 20,000 10,000 1 None
6. Mithril Box Find [Mithril Box] using map 20,000 15,000 1 None
7. Power Bead Fragments Hunt [Machine Beast] and [Psychic Machine Beast] for [Power Bead Fragment]×35 40,000 30,000 1 None
8. Shameless Favor Fetch [Steak]×30 20,000 10,000 1 None
9. Crafting the Power Bead Craft [Power Bead]×5 20,000 25,000 1 None
10. Good News to My Friends Go to Kyoto 20,000 20,000 1 None
11. Last Favor Kill [Machine Goddess] (1) 50,000 30,000 1 [Strange Rock Shard]×1
Totals 290,000 200,000 11 1

Trade items requiredEdit

Quest Items
2. Mystirous Stuff [Powder of Life]×5
8. Shameless Favor [Steak]×30

Monster Info requiredEdit

Quest Monster Kind of the Info
5. For Attentive Craftsmanship [Ghost Warrior] Location Info

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