Delinquent is a monster located in Rundown Stage and Bellowing Walls in Silent Detriot

  • Level: 155
  • Attack Power: 45,000 - 55,000
  • Experience: 450,000
  • Human Type
  • Magic: Holy Guard

Loot TableEdit

Item Name Ratio
Sorcerer-s-Mask Sorcerer's Mask Very Low
Root-of-Life Root of Life Very Low
Titanium-Ingot Titanium Ingot Very Low
Adamantium-Ingot Adamantium Ingot Very Low
Ruby Ruby Low
Opal Opal Low
Platinum-Ingot Platinum Ingot Medium
Blue-Sapphire Blue Sapphire Low
Vindictive-Soul-Imprint Vindictive Soul Imprint Very Low
Divine-Equipment-Box Divine Equipment Box Very Low
Phoenix-s-Equipment-Box Phoenix's Equipment Box Very Low
Dragon-God-s-Equipment-Box Dragon God's Equipment Box Very Low
Evil-Equipment-Box Evil Equipment Box Very Low
Pegasus-Equipment-Box Pegasus Equipment Box Very Low