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Discovering Great Perfume is a level 52 side quest chain featuring [Chardin]. The quest objectives focus around the Cretan Labyrinth dungeon. The quest chain can be reset by trading one [Secrets of Time: Discovering Great Perfume] with Hui Chao.

Quest Objective Experience Gold Stamina Items
1.Chardin's Perfume Recipe 1 Fetch [Jasmine]×100 15,000 10,000
2.Chardin's Perfume Recipe 2 Fetch [Special Beaker]×10 15,000 20,000 0 None
3.Chardin's Perfume Usage Fetch [Use Chardin's Perfume]×1 15,000 10,000 0 None
4.Sudden Favor Kill [Azure Griffin] (20) 16,000 20,000 0 None
5.Discovering Great Perfume Fetch [Blood of Werewolf]×20 16,000 20,000 0 None
6.Hurry, before it's too late. Fetch [Weak Gunpowder]×100 16,000 15,000 0 None
7.I Need More Magic Power Fetch [Blood of Lionman]×40 16,000 25,000 0 None
8.Chardin Uses the Great Perfume Go to [Milan] 17,500 10,000 0 None
9.Defeat the Minotaur King Kill [Minotaur King] (1) 18,000 30,000 0 None
10.Quick Perfume Recipe Read [Easy Recipe for Perfume] 18,000 10,000 None [Chardin's Box]×3
Totals 162,500 170,000

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