The Dragoon is a Spear main character class.

Dragoons can strike the first two enemies in a column, dealing half damage to the second target. They are the most fragile class amongst the melee classes, but counterbalanced by their very high Attack Power. Their skills specialize in lowering their enemies' Action Power. Dragoon main grants +4, +4 & +4 (PvE) | +4, +4 & +4 (PvP) Multi-Hit, Critical & Accuracy stats to your entire formation.

The reach of your spear allows you to strike two enemies in a column with high attack power. You can use Lightning Spear magic to cause damage to you enemies while slowing them down. A melee character cannot attack enemies in the air.

Basic Info Edit

Attributes Edit

Skills Edit

Level 100 Upgrade Skill Edit

You must complete the Main Character level 100 Upgrade quest line to learn this skill.

  • Flame spear Flame Spear: Flourishes a spear of light at the enemy.

Level 120 Upgrade Skills Edit

You can learn only one of these skills. These skills can only be learned after level 120 upgrade.