Drunken Fist is a Magic Skill. See Skills for more information.

Drunken Fist is a Legion skill, see Legion for more information.

Drunken fist Drunken Fist

Increases abilities through a drunken stupor. Increases the target's Multi-Hit rate, Attack Power, and Action Power.

Increasing Skill Levels: Edit

Legion skills automatically appear and increase level as the Mercenary upgrades.

Effects Edit

Skill Level Merc Level* MP Defense (PvE) Attack Power (PvE) Multi-Hit (PvE) Health (PvE) Action Power (PvE)
25 126 202 -509 +204 +15 -405 +27
30 126 247 -511 +288 +18 -440 +30

* Assumes that mercenary is fully upgraded.