Enchant Stones are used to enchant (upgrade) weapons or equipment.

Right-clicking on an Enchant Stone opens the Enchant dialog box.

Enchant Stone
File:Armor Enchant Stone (Beg).png
Item stats
Type: Mana Stone
Min level: 1
Craftable: No
Fixed Price: 1000

1 Enchant Stone is needed to upgrade to combine 2 identical gear items into a new gear item with a +1 modifier.

Examples: Edit

2 enchant stones are needed to combine two +1 items in a +2. 3 will combine +2 into +3, and so on.

This means that you will need the following numbers of base items and stones:

  • +2: 4 base items 4 stones
  • +3: 8 base items 11 stones
  • +4: 16 base items 26 stones
  • +5: 32 base items 57 stones
  • +6: 64 base items 120 stones
  • +7: 128 base items 247 stones
  • +8: 256 base items 502 stones
  • +9: 512 base items 1013 stones
  • +10: 1024 base items 2036 stones

Keep in mind that you have a chance to get a higher enchant than just the next level. Sometimes, when enchanting 2 +0 items, you might get a +2 or +3 (sometimes even higher). That is when enchanting really pays off!

Levels Edit

Enchant Stones come in multiple levels, based on the level of item you want to Enchant.

Enchant Stone LevelsEdit

The Enchanting process will automatically select the correct number of Enchant Stones needed. Enchanting will never mix and match Enchant Stones of different levels, it always uses the correct number of the lowest appropriate level for the item being enchanted.Be careful, if you do not have the correct number of the appropriate level Enchant Stones, it will automatically find any higher level Enchant Stone of which you have a sufficient number. For example, if you need 8 Enchant Stone IV and you only have 6, but you do have 8 Enchant Stone V, it will use the 8 Enchant Stone V. This can be a costly mistake, since higher level Enchant Stones are more expensive than lower level ones.</p>

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