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This is Empress Tianmo but picture is the same as Enraged Empress Tianmo.

Enraged Empress Tianmo is the toughest monster in Atlantica right now. She has strong will so it takes a long time to kill her. She can not be stunned and this makes it a bit difficult to take her down. She is located in the External Patrol Area. Enter the Diabolic Hall and travel through to the Empress Abode. Enraged Empress Tianmo is not as tough as she looks. I am level 166 and highest armour is Twilight +5 armor on main. My main is male Double Sword and I defeated her first time I faced her. I used War Cry and Vital Seal on her. My necromancer kept my mercenaries alive while I defeated her.

Enraged Empress Tianmo

Level: 199

Attack Power: 999,999,999-999,999,999

Experience: 999,999,999

Type: Human

Special: Boss

Special: Stun Immunity

Strong Will

Effect: Monster with strong Will are more resistant to bewitching.

Magic: Divine Demon

Pic Items Drop Ratio
Purified Enchant Stone Very Low
Purified Enhance Stone Very Low
Obsidian Shard Very Low
Evil Equipment Box Very Low
Pegasus Equipment Box Very Low
Judgment Equipment Box Very Low
Twilight Equipment Box Very Low
Titanium Ingot Very Low
Enhanced Admantium Ingot Very Low
Admantium Ingot Medium
Enriched Admantium Ingot Very Low
Blue Sapphire Medium
Anarchy Stone Low

Location: Empress Abode- Chang An Northeast

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