Enriched Adamantium Arrow
Enriched Adamantium Arrow
Vital statistics
Type: Arrow
Min. Level: 100
Attack Power: 230 - 230
Class: Bow Main / Celestial Hunter / Archer / Prophet / Dark Archer / Hwarang / Empress / Centaur Archer
Craftable: Yes
Tradeable: Yes
Obtained from: Arrow Skill: 30
Effect: Increases bow attack power.
Attack power decreases with successive attacks.

A heavy arrow made out of adamantium and magic. Unparalleled attack power is highest of the arrows.

Crafting Edit

Production Rate: 400 per batch.
Necessary workload: 169000
Arrow skill must be 30 or higher.
Experience gained per batch: 3380
Crafting Materials
Platinum Ingot50
Normal Feather100
Colorful Thread5
Mysterious Vial: Death1
Storm Element Shard10
Revival Plant10

Dropped by monsters