Events are special occurrences that are designed to bring additional excitement to the World of Atlantica. Some events are ongoing with no designated finish date; others only run for a particular interval of time.

Events are an area where Atlantica Online really shines, I have never played an MMORPG with so many events, other games don't even come close. Events happen almost year round in Atlantica. Sometimes there so many events that they overlap or run concurrently.

Participating in events are some of the best ways to get a lot of free stuff in Atlantica: Mounts, Decorations, Mercenaries, Potions, Scrolls, Licenses and much more. In addition, event dungeons usually give good experience for leveling your team and often other buffs, as well.

Teleportation to event dungeons from the Event button on the left side of the user interface is always free.

Recurring EventsEdit

Event When Rewards Notes
Atlantica Day First Saturday of every month Atlantica Day Lucky Boxes, Honey Jar Keys, other gifts, buffs Be sure to stay logged in for 24 hours starting at midnight Server (Pacific) time to get all rewards!
Heart of a Fisherman Random Mounts, Deep Blue Sea Earring, Deep Blue Sea Bracelet, Assyrian Glory, Exp Books, Rings, Scrolls, Bait, Growth Vial, Mercenaries
Infinity Challenge Random Infinity Platinum Necklace, Infinity Gold Necklace, Infinity Silver Necklace, Infinity Bronze Necklace, Title: Unbreakable, more. You and 2 allies clear as many stages as you can
Twisted Bran Castle Random Elizabeth's Blood Red Earring, Elizabeth's Blood Red Bracelet
Santa's Villa Christmas My Home decor, Mounts, Mercenaries, Exp Books, Mercenary Skill Books,

Seasonal EventsEdit

Event When Rewards Notes
Cherry Blossom Festival Event 4/6-5/4/2017 Cherry Blossom home decorations, Pink Frozen Crystal (No Trade), Lovely Pink Baby Dragon (No Trade) Ongoing event
Easter Events 3/26/2015-4/16/2015 Legendary Weapons, Extra Inventory License, Exp Books, more
Freedom Park and Fireworks 2/7/2015-8/6/2016 See event notes
Santa's Villa 2015 12/17/2015-1/14/2016 See event notes
St. Patrick's Day 2015 3/6/2015-3/26/2015 See event notes
The Return of Twisted Bran Castle 5/7/2015-6/4/2015 See event notes
Traveling Theater and Cinco de Mayo 4/30/2015-5/7/2015 See event notes

Other EventsEdit

Listed in reverse chronological order.

Event When Rewards Notes
Heart of a Fisherman August 2017 8/3/2017 - 8/17/2017 Mounts, Deep Blue Sea Earring, Deep Blue Sea Bracelet, Assyrian Glory, Exp Books, Rings, Scrolls, Bait, Growth Vial, Mercenaries
Enhanced Exp Rates 4/20-4/23/2017 300% EXP bonus event Ongoing event
On 4/21, as part of a compensation for an Emergency Maintenance, the bonus was increased to 400%
St. Patrick's Day Weekend 3/18-3/19/2017 EXP Bonus 300%, Party EXP Bonus enabled, Quest EXP Bonus enabled
Upgrade Mount Event 3/16/2017-4/13/2017 Upgrade an old mount, Scrolls, Licenses, more. See event notes.
Time Merchant Event 3/10/2017-? Random assortment of items selected by GMs can be bought with gold.
Mercenary Design Contest 2/9/2017-3/6/2017 Mercenary+Skill Books, GCoins
Valentine's Day 2017 2/9/2017-3/9/2017 Earrings, Necklaces, Accessory Upgrades
Dawn of the Dark Crystals! 1/19/2017-2/9/2017 Dark Crystal Weapons
Enhanced Exp Rates 1/12/2017-2/9/2017 Bonus Experience and Crafting Experience
Free Level 130 Main Event 9/17/2015-10/22/2015 Free Level 130 Main Character and lots more
Explore Olympus Tower 6/25/2015-7/2/2015 Pandora's Boxes, Mercenaries, Jewels, more
Grimm Woods Celebration 6/4/2015-4/2/2015 Dusty Grimm Box, possible Folklorist summons

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