An Experience Book or Experience Scroll can be used to increase characters' Experience.

A fixed amount of experience can be acquired by consuming an experience book or scroll depending upon the type of book used, as shown in the following table.

Experience Books require 10% Will to be consumed, Experience Scrolls require No (0) Will to be consumed.

Book Experience
Small Experience Book 100
Regular Experience Book 1,000
Book of Experience (Adv) 10,000
Book of Highest Experience 100,000
Ancient Book of Experience 100,000
Ancient Skill Book 1,000,000
Ancient Skill Book (All) 1,000,000
Hainan Island Scroll I 1,000,000
Ancient Book of Knowledge 5,000,000
Ancient Book of Intelligence 10,000,000
Ancient Book of Intelligence (All) 10,000,000
Hainan Island Scroll II 10,000,000
Ancient Book of Growth 50,000,000
Ancient Book of Growth (All) 50,000,000

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