Basic Info Edit

Grade D mercenaries are the lowest tier of mercenaries. They are the first types you can acquire. You can only get a few at first and unlock the others through level dependent quests.

Originally you start out with the option to choose these mercenaries : Spearman, Swordsman, Archer or Gunner.

At level 10 you can choose to get a Shaman.

At level 18 you can start the Monk quest chain although it is difficult to finish it without a party. Recommended level is 21 if attempting to solo the chain.

At level 20 you can call your first Viking if you finished the quest series earlier which rewarded you their summon orb.

At level 30 you can recruit the Artilleryman by finding him in the world.

List of Grade D mercenariesEdit

Spearman, Swordsman, Archer, Gunner, Shaman, Monk, Artilleryman and Viking.


Ashen Crystals are needed for all D grade mercenaries for their first two advancements.
Ashen Jewels are then needed for their last two advancements.

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