The Grand Championship is a cross-server, seeded, single-elimination tournament. The tournament is open to players of division eight and above from all servers simultaneously and is held on the communal Titan server enabling cross-server competition between all participants. It is held twice a week on Sunday at 3 a.m. and 3 p.m. PST (11 a.m. and 11 p.m. UTC).


The first place prize is [Barbarian Lord's Black Tiger]×1 and [Atlantis Platinum Coin]×30. Other platinum, gold and silver coins are distributed to participants for both entering and either winning or losing each match.

List of finalistsEdit

Date Morning Afternoon
Week 21 (May 24th) TBA TBA
Week 20 (May 17th) [Formation]1st TH:LH (L120 Bow) [Formation]1st MY:Alanor (L120 Axe)
[Formation]2nd SI:Nikae (L113 Spear) [Formation]2nd MA:Metaldog (L109 Spear)
Week 19 (May 10th) [Formation]1st TH:LH (L120 Bow) [Formation]1st SI:Ancient (L118 Sword)
[Formation]2nd SI:Nikae (L113 Spear) [Formation]2nd TH:BryanSuralta (L114 Bow)
Week 18 (May 3rd) [Formation]1st TH:LH (L120 Bow) Template:=1082 Server malfunction
[Formation]2nd MY:Alanor (L118 Axe)
Week 17 (April 25th) [Formation]1st MY:Khassandra (L112 Musician) Template:=1072 Server malfunction
[Formation]2nd AR:ZERKproject (L116 Maniac)

List of championsEdit

Player Server Wins
LH Thebes 3
Alanor Mycenae 1
Ancient Sikyon 1
Khassandra Mycenae 1

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