Guild List is a feature found in any town's Guild Office. It shows all of the server's current guilds, the oldest guilds being at the start of the list.

Every page of the guild list can show up to 15 guilds.

List of the first 15 guilds of every serverEdit


last updated 3rd February 2015

No. Guild Name Lv. Members Guild Leader Guild Points Guild Experience Guild Funds Town Controlled Nation Guild Activity Points
[[File:]]1002 Shinsengumi 117 42/88 Runeia 3,103,727 44,94% 3B None None 450
[[File:]]1004 NWN 120 68/100 PeePeeMon01 8,907,773 9,45B (100%) 141B None None 11,336
[[File:]]1009 12thBrigade 109 49/63 Spellcaster 46,765 64,44% 572M None None 7,027
[[File:]]1016 DVC 120 98/100 markallen 10,507,642 40,4B (100%) 54B Cairo Noldor 30,000

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