Hell Spider

Hell Spider

Basic Info

Level: 42
Attack power: 365~560
Experience: 1074
Human Type
Magic skill: Fatal Shot


Southeast Asia IndiaNest of Insects
289 142
287 204

Items DroppedEdit

[Mana Potion (Mid)]Very Low
[Healing Potion (Mid)]Very Low
[Enchant Box (Int)]Very Low
[Common Fur]Medium
[Common Leather]Medium
[Small Animal Bone]Low
[Thick Animal Bone]Low
[Commodity Box (Mid)]Very Low
[Growth Vial (Mid) ]Very Low
[Pearl ]Low
[Amber ]Low
[Refined Iron Ore ]Very Low
[Gold Dust ]Low
[Iron Sand ]Low
[Copper Ore ]Low
[Insect Equipment Box ]Very Low

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