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Craftable ItemsEdit

LevelItemCrafting MaterialsWorkloadExp Gain/Batch
1 [Spirit Helmet]×1 [Copper Flakes]×2
[Broken Animal Bones]×1
3 [Red Soul Hat]×1 [Coral]×5
[Iron Sand]×4
[Common Leather]×2
[Earth Element Shard]×1
1400 28
4 [Deep-Sea Chain Helm]×1
5 [Ocean Helmet]×1
8 [Krishna's Hat]×1 [Iron Sand]×10
[Copper Flakes]×4
[Rough Leather]×4
[Rough Fur]×3
[Earth Element Shard]×3
4600 92
9 [Ogre Chain Helm]×1
10 [Rakshasa's Helmet]×1
14 [Savior's Hat]×1 [Refined Iron Ore]×7
[Copper Ore]×4
[Common Leather]×4
[Common Fur]×4
[Earth Element Shard]×20
[Sea Element Shard]×2
12700 254
16 [Assassin's Chain Helm]×1
18 [Destroyer's Helmet]×1
23 [Walachia Hat]×1 [Common Leather]×10
[Common Fur]×5
[Refined Iron Ore]×7
[Silver Ore]×15
[Gold Ore]×10
[Sea Element Shard]×4
34900 698
25 [Walachia Chain Helm]×1
27 [Walachia Helmet]×1
25 [Blood Knight Hat]×1 [Common Leather]×3
[Common Fur]×2
[Refined Iron Ore]×2
[Silver Ore]×5
[Gold Ore]×3
[Sea Element Shard]×20
[Fusing Agent]×1
[Warrior's Sign]×1
[Still Beating Heart]×1
62800 1256
30 [Blood Knight Chain Helm]×1
32 [Blood Knight Helmet]×1
32 [Anu Priest Hat]×1 [Coke]×10
[Silver Ingot]×7
[Copper Ingot]×10
[Quality Leather]×10
[Quality Fur]×10
[Thick Animal Bone]×10
[Sea Element Shard]×15
[Flame Element Shard]×6
96000 1920
35 [Anu Warrior Chain Helm]×1
38 [Anu Warrior Helmet]×1
40 [Gilgamesh Hat]×1 [Coke]×10
[Silver Ingot]×7
[Copper Ingot]×10
[Quality Leather]×10
[Quality Fur]×10
[Sea Element Shard]×15
[Flame Element Shard]×6
[Still-Beating Heart]×1
[Gilgamesh's Sword Shard]×1
[Warrior's Sign]×1
144000 2880
42 [Gilgamesh Chain Helm]×1
44 [Gilgamesh Helmet]×1
40 [Thoth's Hat]×1 [Silver Ingot]×20
[Thick Animal Bone]×10
[Slab of Lumber]×20
[Colorful Fabric]×1
[Flame Element Shard]×15
264000 5280
42 [Amon's Chain Helm]×1
44 [Amon's Helmet]×1
46 [Ghost Conjuror Hat]×1 [Colorful Fabric]×2
[Big Slab of Lumber]×20
[Ghost Mask]×1
[Silver Ingot]×10
[Large Animal Bones]×5
[Earth Element]×2
[Storm Element Shard]×15
[Shining Glass]×20
[Powder of Life]×10
[Powder of Spirit]×5


48 [Ghost Gunner Chain Helm]×1
50 [Ghost Warrior Helmet]×1