Insect Equipment boxes are a stackable item in your inventory. Right-clicking on them will remove one box and add one of the following item at random to your inventory. If you do not have space for the new item, it will be placed in your mailbox. If you do not have room in the mailbox, the new item will be destroyed and the box will still be lost.

Insect Equipment Box
Vital statistics
Type: Box
Min. Level: 1
Usable: Yes
Craftable: No
Tradeable: Yes
Obtained from:
Description: Right-click the icon to use this item.
Cannot be used in battle.


Contains one of the following, at random.

Dropped by monsters

Very Low[Worker Ant]Nest of Insects (Small Plaza, Ant Tunnel)
Very Low[Soldier Ant]Nest of Insects (Ant Tunnel)
Very Low[Tarantula]Nest of Insects (Spider Nest, Evil Spider King's Lair)
Very Low[Hell Spider]Nest of Insects (Spider Nest, Evil Spider King's Lair)
Very Low[Wasp Larva]Nest of Insects (Wasp Nest)
Very Low[Mutant Wasp Larva]Nest of Insects (Wasp Nest)
Very Low[Harpy Magician]Mumbai Southeast (Northern Mohenjodaro)
Very Low[Yama Sorcerer]Mumbai Southeast (Central Mohenjodaro, Eastern Mohenjodaro, Naraka's Well)
Low[Abysmal Lord](Depraved Shrine, Stigmatized Dream Palace)

Extra InfoEdit

It is not sold for a fixed price at the market, but you can exchange 7 Battle point to gain [Insect Equipment Box]×1.

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