The Inventor is a grade C Gun Mercenary.

The Inventor may carry a rifle, but his most fearsome weapon is his mind. With the right machines, he can summon robots to help you loot, catapults to lay suppressing fire on the enemy, and ballistas to punch through enemy lines.

You can equip the machines you want him to summon in his off-hand.

Assessment Edit

The Inventor is a versatile mercenary. His combination of a gun and being able to summon machines makes him a decent stunner or adds the ability to loot more each round. He also has high Magic Defense for a Ranged merc.

The downside is that his offense isn't as good as that of other gun mercs and in the long run, you will probably replace him. In the meantime, he is an inexpensive and fun merc to have.

Characteristics Edit

Attributes Edit

Basic Attack Edit

Recruitment Edit

Upgrades Edit

Dragon Crystal and Dragon Jewel.

Class Level Requirements Str Int Dex Vit Def M Def
Inventor 1 None 157 225 247 173 198 225
Inventor [I] 20 50 Dragon Crystal 180 295 270 200 225 400
Inventor [II] 50 100 Dragon Crystal 200 320 310 230 375 400
Da Vinci 80 20 Dragon Jewel 220 345 330 250 550 400
Da Vinci [I] 120 100 Dragon Jewel 235 369 353 267 760 400
Da Vinci [II] 130 150 Dragon Jewel 251 390 378 285 900 400
Da Vinci [III] 140 150 Dragon Jewel 268 413 403 306 1050 400
Da Vinci [IV] 150 150 Dragon Jewel 287 4342 431 327 1218 400
Da Vinci [V] 160 150 Dragon Jewel 307 473 461 350 1413 400
Da Vinci [VI] 170 150 Dragon Jewel 368 567 553 420 1695 400

Skills Edit

This Mercenary can use these Magic Skills:

Summon machine Summon Machine Edit

Summon the inventor's invention.

The machines that can be summoned are of type Machine, which can be crafted or purchased on the Market. They are equipped in the user's Off-Hand slot. The machine fires automatically once at the beginning of the player's turn and fires at a random location in the enemy Formation. The catapults and ballistas will loot if they have nothing to shoot at (all enemies are dead).

  • Machine: Small Catapult: Min. Level 20, fires a ranged cross, like a Cannon
  • Machine: Siege Catapult: Min. Level 50, fires a ranged cross, like a Cannon
  • Machine: Ballista: Min. Level 80, fires an arrow at a single target anywhere in the enemy formation, like a Bow
  • Machine: Giant Ballista: Min. Level 110, fires an arrow at a single target anywhere in the enemy formation, like a Bow
  • Machine: Search Robot VC1: A robot that loots for you.