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Item stats
Type: Mineral
Min level: 1
Craftable: No
Fixed Price: 500

Basic InfoEdit

  • Cannot be sold at auction

Craftable ItemsEdit

Dropped by monsters

Very Low[Asura]Angkor Wat 1F
Very Low[Shadow Shooter]Shadow of The Eight Trigrams
Very Low[Fallen Monk]Angkor Wat 1F
Very Low[Sea Palace General]Sea Palace's Main Gate
Very Low[Shadow Witch]?
Very Low[King's Bodyguard]Sea Palace Courtyard
Very Low[Evil Monk]Angkor Wat 1F
Very Low[Devil Monk]Angkor Wat 1F
Very Low[Moss Golem]Southeast Asia India
Very Low[Golem Sorcerer]Southeast Asia India
Very Low[Wasp Larva]Southeast Asia India

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