What is King's Judgment?Edit

King's Judgment (aka KJ) can be performed by any Nation leader of at least level 100, whose guild is a member of a nation of at least nation level five.

King's Judgement is simply the power to "PK" anyone you want that is not in a safe zone such as a town. However this game isn't truly an open PK game. See PK for more information. The victor of combat either the person performing the King's Judgement or the victim can win a random piece of equipment from the loser if they do not have Vial of Protection Active.

The use of King's Judgement is completely on the player who has access to it. It also depends on the server community. There are some servers that has more people who uses King's Judgement than others. The best way to avoid being a victim is to join the right guild. There are some nations that are feuding and if the guild is listed in the nation there is a chance that someone will start using king's judgement on weaker guild members in attempt to cause ruckus in the opposing nation or make the player desert the guild to avoid being targeted for any future King's Judgement.

Rules of King's JudgementEdit

  1. It requires 125% Will in order to use.
  2. It can only be used a total of 10 times a day.
  3. Use of King's Judgement to grief players is a bannable offense. (Continuously used on the same person.)

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