The Legions system was added to Atlantica online on Nov 19, 2014 with the Legion Patch.

The Legions are Diabolic, Shadow and Shaolin. Each legion has numerous mercenaries, Legion specific areas and Legion specific NPCs. Legion Mercenaries are named Trainee XYZ, because there are, in many cases, also NPCs with the same name as the Mercenary. This makes it easy to tell the difference. Trainee XYZ is the mercenary and XYZ is the NPC.

You can store legion mercenaries in Legion Storage or any other mercenary storage.

You can find detailed info about each Legion and Legion Mercenaries in the Legion Info window (Alt+U).

General Info Edit

Legion Quests Edit

All Legion quests can be found in the Quest Log under Sub Quest, Legion tab. Quests for specific legions (Diabolic, Shadow, Shaolin) are preceded by [LegionName] (e.g. [Shaolin]).

Legion Storage Edit

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