The following is a list of quests with high amounts of EXP, good for power-leveling.

Name Level Total of Quests NPC Total EXP Type Notes
Best Jewels 125 5 Lupus 242.5m Sub:Repeat
Hermit of the Blue Mountains 125 12 Tenshin 3080m Sub:General One 500m EXP item awarded during quest
Blue Guardian 125 20 Forestia 985m Main:General
Katherine at Katherine Gorge 136 13 Katherine 4709m Sub:General One 500m EXP item awarded during quest
Cannot be reset
Katherine Gorge 137 29 Ghera 1900m Sub:General Can be reset
Prankster 137 5 Ghera Sub:Repeat Can be done alongside Katherine Gorge quest
The Explorers 142 2 Bree 350m Sub:Repeat Mon Wed Fri
Raging Vortex 142 19 Selena 2976m Main:General Cannot be reset
Lucky Coin 1 145 5 Dr. Jekyll Sub:Repeat Every day
Lucky Coin 2 145 4 Brave James Sub:Repeat Every day
Lucky Coin 3 145 3 Dorian the Historian 150m Sub:Repeat Every day
Lucky Coin 4 145 4 Jakal 200m Sub:Repeat Every day
Lucky Coin 5 145 2 Guardian Mukushu 120m Sub:Repeat Every day
Lucky Coin 6 145 1 Wanted Criminal Totem 100m Sub:Repeat Every day
Death's Boundary 152 12 Kassus 530m Main:Reset

Every day

Lost World 156 Professor Jones Sub:Repeat
Prison Riot 157 3 Sergeant Lowe 450m Sub:Repeat only 1-3 quest are good
Change An's Watchman 160 1 Shao Xian 300m Sub:Legion
Exposing the Conspiracy II 160 1 Mo Chien Lang 300m Sub:Legion
Reflect and Reflect Again 160 2 Soranggoon 300m Sub:Legion
Sanctum's Secret 163 5 General Varda 800m Sub:Repeat Must do Consort Isabella's Quest first
Ordering the Void 167 3 Yueying 1050m Sub:Repeat Gives keys to boss areas

Doing Blue colored Diary items will give bonus exp based on level

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