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Craftable ItemsEdit

LevelItemCrafting MaterialsWorkloadExp Gain/Batch
1 [Secrets of Time: Beast Trainer]×5 [Book: Beast Summoning (Adv)]×1
[Mysterious Vial: Valor]×1
[Giant Crystal]×3
[Giant Jewel]×1
100,000 2,000
5 [Power Up License (20hrs)]×10 [Papyrus]×150
[Ashen Crystal]×200
[Colorful Fabric]×10
150,000 3,000
7 [Secrets of Time: Legend of the Iron Doll]×5 [Ashen Crystal]×100
[Small Ink Bottle]×20
60,000 1,200
9 [Secrets of Time: Discovering Great Perfume]×5 [Energy of Atmosphere]×15
[Chinese Paper]×20
[Quality Ink Bottle]×20
130,000 2,600
10 [Secrets of Time: Witch]×5 [Book: Meteor Strike (Adv)]×1
[Mysterious Vial: Valor]×1
[Redemption Crystal]×3
[Redemption Jewel]×1
200,000 4,000
15 [Secrets of Time: Exorcist]×5 [Book: Speed Cast (Adv)]×1
[Mysterious Vial: Wisdom]×1
[Giant Crystal]×3
[Giant Jewel]×1
400,000 8,000
20 [Secrets of Time: Abyss of Taj Mahal]×5 [Tears of the Abyss]×3
[Mysterious Vial: Wisdom]×1
[Ashen Crystal]×100
[Ashen Jewel]×10
800,000 16,000
23 [Secrets of Time: Destiny of Marduk]×5 [Energy of Ground]×5
[Deluxe Ink Bottle]×15
[Leather Protectant]×100
650,000 13,000
24 [Secrets of Time: Mummy's Curse]×5 [Energy of Wind]×10
[Deluxe Ink Bottle]×20
[Large Animal Bone]×500
800,000 16,000
25 [Secrets of Time: Curious Scientist]×5 [Energy of Cloud]×4
[Deluxe Ink Bottle]×20
[Machine: Search Robot VC1]×100
1,000,000 20,000
25 [Secrets of Time: Princess]×10 [Book: Princess' Order (Adv)]×1
[Mysterious Vial: Death]×1
[Redemption Crystal]×3
[Redeption Jewel]×1
1,500,000 30,000
30 [Secret of Time: Prophet]×10 [Book: Concentrate (Adv)]×1
[Mysterious Vial: Death]×1
[Phoenix Crystal]×3
[Phoenix Jewel]×1
1,700,000 34,000
33 [Secrets of Time: Navigator's Dream]×5 [Machine: Search Robot VC1]×150
[Shining Glass]×50
[Energy of Earth]×10
1,000,000 20,000
35 [Secrets of Time: Oracle]×10 [Book: Healing (Adv)]×1
[Mysterious Vial: Wisdom]×2
[Redemption Crystal]×3
[Redemption Jewel]×1
1,900,000 38,000

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