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Also see: Monster.

List of monsters (by level). Edit

Level 1

Sky Spirit
Box of Memories

Level 3

Evil Sky Spirit

Level 5

Hell Soldier

Level 6

Hell Warrior

Level 7

Hell Scout
Tainted Unicorn

Level 9

Evil Tree
Polluted Unicorn

Level 10

Nimble Red Deer
Red Deer
Agonizing Soul

Level 11

Devil Tree
Monstrous Red Deer

Level 12

Mutated Tree
Young Owl
Young Yellow Fox

Level 13

Headless Warrior
Hellish Fairy

Level 14

Headless Soldier
Yellow Fox

Level 15

Crazy Fox
Headless Punisher

Level 16

Margo's Bowmen

Level 17

Margo's Archers

Level 18

Headless Captain
Margo's Ace Archers
Nimble Boar
Shadow Warrior

Level 19

Female Otter
Margo's Evil Archer
Red Fox
Shadow Soldier
Small Water Dragon

Level 20

Gate Keeper
Water Dragon
Xiyu Shaman

Level 21

Nimble Otter
Royal Guard
Shadow Archer
Shadow Shooter

Level 22

Crab Soldier

Level 23

Crab Warrior
Shadow Witch
Sword Dancer

Level 24

Fan Dancer

Level 25

Black Bear
Sea Dragon
Sea Palace General

Level 26

Blue Dragon
Chief Deer
Giant Crab Warrior
Nimble Deer

Level 27

Fallen Monk
King's Bodyguard
Sea Palace Songstress
Starved Snail

Level 28

Chief Bae Hoon
Evil Monk
Sea King

Level 29

Blue Ogre
Devil Monk

Level 30

Chief Boar
White Ogre

Level 31

Moss Golem
Ogre King

Level 32

Blue Wolf
Golem Sorcerer

Level 33

Chief Fox
Huge Golem
Male Otter
Naga Warrior

Level 34

Naga Sorceress

Level 35

Baby Lion
Enraged Parror
Naga Royal Guard
Night Fox
Sea Turtle
Sinful Monk

Level 36

Naga Queen
Starved Scorpion

Level 37

Stigmatized Sorcerer
Worker Ant

Level 38

Queen Ant
Soldier Ant

Level 39

Mutant Wasp Larva
Wasp Larva

Level 40

Chief Mantis
Fierce Acong

Level 41

Evil Acong
Polluted Soldier Ant
Polluted Wasp Larva
Queen Wasp

Level 42

Hell Spider
Polluted Tarantula
Starved Camel

Level 43

Fallen Wasp
Harpy Magician
Harpy Warrior
Loitering Soldier

Level 44

Evil Spider King
Exploited Rudolph
Harpy Sorcereress
Tropical Lion

Level 45

Rakshaka Private

Level 46

Rakshaka Soldier
White Fox

Level 47

Rakshaka General

Level 48

Fire Bear
Yama Sorcerer

Level 49

Yama Priest

Level 50

Black Striped Bat
Dark Wing
Depraved Monk
Giant Harpy Warrior
Haunted Old Oak
Hidden Info Box
Hidden Jar
Huge Preta
Samidare's Letter Box
Sealed Box
White Tiger
Yama Demigod

Level 51

Banished Monk
Black Ram
Fire Hound
Dark Harpy Fighter
Dark Harpy Mage
Fire Hound
Hell Kimnara
Rakshaka Warrior
Red Striped Bat
Ruined Temple's Patrol

Level 52

Cursed Monk
Dark Wolf
Harpy Shaman
Hell Hound
Huge Garura
Magic Owl
Ravana Private
Ravana Soldier
Red Wing Bat
Ruined Temple's Safeguard
Yama Illusionist

Level 53

Black Wing Bat
Hell Imp
Rakshasa Captain
Ravana General
Ruined Temple's Head Security
Wandering Imp
Yaksha Monk
Yaksha Sorcerer

Level 54

Asura General
Asura Soldier
Evil Wolf
Famished Devil
Lord Chamberlain
Lord Steward
Massive Abysmal Giant
Prison Officer
Yaksha Demigod

Level 55

Chief Chamberlain
Chief Prison Officer
Elite Prison Officer
Enraged Harpy
Fallen Naga Warrior
Iron Doll Magician
Iron Doll Warrior

Level 56

Alloy Doll Warrior
Brown Horse
Cannibal Demon
Chief Sheep
Chief Watcher
Fallen Naga Sorcerer
Iron Doll Fighter
Mumtaz Mahal

Level 57

Alloy Doll Fighter
Alloy Doll Magician
Azure Griffin
Black Sheep
Gray Griffin
Protector of Evil
Ruler of Evil
Young Cerberus

Level 58

Abysmal Lord
Admirer of Shiva
Chief Brown Horse
Crazed Spirit
Evil Energy Spirit
Giant Griffin
Young Werewolf

Level 59

Ancient Ghost
Guardians of Stigma
Night Guardian
Sad Marionette
Werewolf Sorcerer
Woeful Contessa

Level 60

Baby Gremlin
Chief Werewolf
Lionman Sorcerer
Night Watcher
Ruined Gryffin
Young Lionman

Level 61

Chief Lionman
Night Shadow
Nightmare Mage
Ruined Lionman
Young Minotaur

Level 62

Night Prison Guard
Nightmare King
Nightmare Priest
Red Carnivorous Plant
Ruined Minotaur
Sage Minotaur
Stigmatized Queen
Wise Fox

Level 63

Bloodthirsty Wolf
Cannibal Deer
Carnivorous Plant
Chief Eagle
Chief Prison Guard
Prison Tyrant

Level 64

Arabian Deer
Crazed Sheep
Dark Wing Griffin
Stone Swordsman

Level 65

Colorful Griffin
Dark Werewolf
Minotaur King
Slave Swordsman
Stone Cannonman
Wolf King Paheros

Level 66

Crazy Minotaur
Dark Lionman
Slave Spearman
Stone Spearman

Level 67

Desert Fox
Nightmare Minotaur
Slave Archer

Level 68

Enki Magician
Enril Magician
Iron Doll Reaper
Pasture Watcher

Level 69

Dark Betrayer
Ishtar's Oracle
Priestess of Ishtar

Level 70

Lion King Komareo

Level 71

Beast King Kegarrd
Huge Crocodile
Monstrous Keysha
White Crocodile

Level 72

Gray Mummy
White Mummy

Level 73

Mummy Magician

Level 74

Crazed Crocodile
Crazed Desert Eagle
Sage Anubis

Level 75

Crazed Caracal
Golden Anubis
Slave Gladiator

Level 76

Cursed Eagle
Hell's Watchdog
Marble Sphinx
Slave Bowman
Slave Dragoon
Stone Sphinx

Level 77

Cursed Camel
Granite Cannoneer
Granite Swordsman
Obsidian Sphinx

Level 78

Ancient Mummy
Crystal Guard
Crystal Safeguard
Cursed Lionman
Enki Wizard
Forgotten Mummy
Granite Spearman
Violent Wolf

Level 79

Ancient Anubis
Ancient Sphinx
Angry Wolf
Enril Sorcerer
Ereshkigal's Priest
Forgotten Anubis
Ghost Soldier
Night Guard

Level 80

Agent of Judgment
Ancient Sphinx
Anubis of Death
Enraged Eagle
Ereshkigal's Oracle
Evil Old Oak
Forgotten Sphinx
Ghastly Anubis
Ghost Warrior
Machine Beast
Silent Cannoneer

Level 81

Accused Rudolph
Ancient Royal Guard
Angry Rudolph
Anubis of Souls
Apophis Guard
Exploited Rudolph
Night Chaser
Joyful Rudolph
Psychic Machine Beast
Seth's Escort
Seth's Warrior

Level 82

Fallen Priestess
Guardian of Seth
King Khufu
Psychic Arachnoid
Storm Juwoo
Wild Horse

Level 83

Brown Bear
Death Guide
Evil Priestess
Protector of Death
Violent Deer

Level 84

Ancient King
Ashigaru Bowman
Ashigaru Rifleman
Female Elephant
Four-Armed Monkey
Frilled Lizard
Ruler of Destruction
Shade of Humbaba
Slave General

Level 85

Ashigaru Spearman
Lone Guardsman
Male Rhinoceros
Ninja Mage
Polluted Rhinoceros
Sage King
Young Rhinoceros

Level 86

Bloody Safeguard
Cursed Mummy
Ground Spider Warrior
Murderous Machine
Ninja Assassin
Shade of Tiamat

Level 87

Chaos Arachnoid
Destroyer Arachnoid
Destroyer Sekhmet
Distorted Machine
Fighting Dancer
Goblin Commander
Goblin Private
Shadow Ninja

Level 88

Delusional Ninja
Goblin General
Machine Fighter
Ninja Drone
Recovering Dancer
Unfinished Machine

Level 89

Barbarian Gorilla
Cheering Dancer
Controlled Ninja
Evil Monkey
Type of TestG2240

Level 90

Immortal Apophis
Monster Drone
Southern Gorillla
White Bear

Level 91

Cursed Soldier
Distored Goddess
Palace Guard
Trained Raptor
Volcanic Pterosaur
Volcanic Raptor

Level 92

Ash Basilisk
Blazing Lizard
Executor Tianus
Incarnation of Amon
Laughing Clown
Lava Basilisk
Veteran Sniper

Level 93

Flame Goblin
Flame Spirit
Grandfather Clock
Heavy Infantry
Skeleton Spirit
Thorn Jester
Volcano Goblin

Level 94

Dark Crystal Safeguard
Flame Giant Amazon
Flame Giant Warrior
Magician Apprentice
Marble Clock
Oda Nobunaga
Sad Clown

Level 95

Broken Beast Engine
Brown Yeti
Flame Giant Wizard
Hidden Magician
Iron Knight
Luxurious Clock
White Yeti

Level 96

Baby Fire Dragon
Grand Magician
White Knight
White Wolf

Level 97

Enraged Rock Beast
Fire Dragon Sorceror
Fire Dragon Warrior
Swan Knight

Level 98

Cannon Horse
Snowstorm Troll
Violent White Bear

Level 99

Advance Sage
Frost Troll
Ice Troll
Shubene the Pure
Swift Cannon Horse

Level 100

Advance Brute
Advance Pikeman
Advance Ruffian
Ancient Beast
Ancient Bronze Giant
Ancient Bronze Warrior
Cave Turtle
Crafty Acong
Deep-Sea Guardian
Forgotten Warrior
Gnome Berserker
Gnome Warrior
Horse Rider
Protector of Worlds
Resurrected Legendary Viking
Sandy Octopus
Song-i Hat
Trainee's Wooden Puppet
Troll General
Undead Bandit

Level 101

Advance Archer
Ancient Cave Turtle
Arhat Trainee
Blowgun Soldier
Blue Mushroom
Brutal Ancient Beast
Clawed Guard
Dark Harpy Warrior
Enraged Acong
Evil Archer
Flying Fish
Forgotten Wizard
Giant Raccoon
Gnome General
Green Octopus
Monster Fish
Protector of Chaos
Undead Bandit Chief
Valkyrie Knight
Violent White Wolf
Wooden Arhat Puppet

Level 102

Ancient High Priest
Apprentice Dragoon
Byzantine Axeman
Byzantine Knight
Chakram Trainee
Clay Fighter
Clay Warrior
Crouching-tiger Arhat
Cursed Lord
Dark Harpy Shaman
Evil Chief Archer
Fallen Minister
Fallen Priest
Forgotten Monster
Glittering Flying Fish
Horn Playing Soldier
Nest Gatekeeper
Protector of Times
Sea Hermit Crab
Sea Palace Head Maid
Valkyrie General
Valkyrie Spearman
Veteran Dragoon
Yellow Thorned Lizard
Yggdrasil Red Seal
Yggdrasil Seal

Level 103

Ankara Owl
Big Clawed Crayfish
Clay Gladiator
Crazy Militia
Cursed Brass Soldier
Dragoon Chief
Fallen Archbishop
Farmer Conscript
Fenrir Slayer
Forest Fenrir
Furious Cave Monster
Ghost Spearman
Giant Destroyer
Militia Magician
Nest Warrior
Okipete's Offspring
Red Chakram
Red Flying Fish
Red Thorned Lizard
Sea Anemone
Sea King's Royal Guards
Slave Conscript

Level 104

Accused Rudolph
Ancient Fossil Insect
Arachne's Bodyguard
Byzantine Captain
Byzantine Officer
Byzantine Warrior
Crazy Byzantine Warrior
Cursed Guards
Evil Ghost Spearman
Immortal Guard
Immortal Soldier
Jormungand Guard
Jormungand Warrior
Lost Elephant
Mad Destroyer
Mammoth Hermit Crab
Mutated Sailor
Tree Watcher
White Nightmare
Wounded Crayfish

Level 105

Bushland Worm
Crazy Byzantine Knight
Crazy Lord
Cursed Sailor
Dark Queen's Archer
Dark Queen's Knight
Eco Restorer
Elephant Cannoneer
Elephant Gunner
Elephant Warrior
Enraged Masan
Follower of Arachne
Forest Chief Gatekeeper
Forgotten Matriarch
Happy Rudolph
Immortal Bodyguard
Intruder Exterminator
Nightmare Basilisk
Oceanic Fossil Insect
One-eyed Obiten
Violent Elephant

Level 106

Ancient Slayer
Bloody Leech
Byzantine Cavalry
Cataphract Cavalry
Cataphract Knight
Crazy Slave Warrior
Dead Sea King
Deap-Sea Boatswain
Giant White Wolf
Ice Breaker
Ice Guardian
Intruder Eradicator
Malicious Bat Toad
Mysterious Necromancer
Oriharukon Watcher
Possessed Masan
Quality Relic Renovator
Violent Worm

Level 107

Cannibal Bat Toad
Deap-Sea Ice Golem
Elite Slave Soldier
Gatekeeper of Darkness
General of Eternity
Haunted Archbishop
Low Class Cube
Oriharukon Observer
Slave Commander
Slave Warrior
Weakened Earth Dragon
Young Lizardman

Level 108

Aged Earth Dragon
Altered Native
Apprehended Prisoner
Biological Cube
Crimson Bear
Crimson Horse
Dark Archbishop
Dark Cardinal
Dark Priest
Escaped Bear
Evil Arachne
Fake Thousand-hand Guan
Flame Chief
Forgotten Patrol
Frozen Waste Ruler Uru
Hades Patroller
Ice Vanguard
Immortal Hell Hound
Mutated Native
Rainbow Okipete
Strange Lizardman
Transformed Cube

Level 109

Altered Man
Asian Wolf
Asure Wolf
Bound Prisoner
Fierce Chimera
Malicious Chimera
Merciless Steward
Mutated Cube
Nimble Horse
Sadated Nurse

Level 110

Agonizing Chimera
Byzantine Emperor's Shade
Cannon Servant
Crimson Fox
Dark Missionary
Drunken Urs
First Bocchiardo
Flame Ruler Loki
Giant Mushroom
Hades Gatekeeper
Hallucinating Nurse
Incarnation of Davy Jones
Mutated Chimera
Possessed Marionette
Protector of Amnesia
Second Bocchiardo
Sly Fox
Starved Wolf
Third Bocchiardo
Weak Servant

Level 111

Addicted Lionman
Agile Megatherium
Contaminated Prisoner
Crimson Wild Boar
Fiery Werewolf
Imperial Witch
Lazy Megatherium
Rushing Wild Boar
Silver Armadillo
Stray Watchdog
Tainted Wolfman
Trained Watchdog

Level 112

Betrayer Jack
Davy Jones' True Form
Enraged Ruler Loki
Fallen Seraph
Gold Armadillo
Lava Lionman
Poisonous Minotaur
Psychokinetic Prisoner
Succubus of Chaos
Sunset Desperado
Tranquil Sea Turtle
Wanted Man
Wasteland Desperado

Level 113

Alcatraz Psychic
Awakening Pelican
Bewitching Succubus Queen
Crimson Owl
Female Alpaca
Fiery Minotaur
Flashy Bartender
Grey Owl
Last Sample
New Employee
Owl Bear
Young Alpaca

Level 114

Accused Rudolph
Head Miner
Infinite Cube
Jeju Pig
Male Alpaca
Novice Miner
Outdated Mining Robot
Parasitic Centipede
Servant Leader
Silent Owl Bear
Splendid Flyman
Veteran Miner
Yangban Mask

Level 115

Bamboo Hat
Brown Almiki
Constantinus XI
Giant Stalactite Golem
Green Almiki
Hahoe Mask
Jeju Black Pig
Mafia Initiate
Mining Drill Robot
Stalactite Taese
Universal Mining Robot
Wagon Towing Mun

Level 116

Alcatraz Prison Guard
Alloy Robot
Brutal Outcast
Crazy Outcast
Elegant Catherine
Fake Poet
Fierce Saber-Tooth Tiger
Lord of Lerna
Mafia Captain
Mafia Hitman
White Eyed Tapir
White Striped Tapir

Level 117

Brutal Saber-Tooth Tiger
Claw Punk
Punk Leader

Level 118

Black Eagle Mask
Death Row Inmate
Exploited Worker
Heart of Eternity
Machine Gun Brooks
Multipurpose Work Robot
Veteran Engineer
Work Robot

Level 119

Ancient Aboriginal Statue
Cruel Supervisor
Delusional Worker
Forgotten High Priest
Jaguar Villager
Jaguar Warrior
Jaguar Worshipper
Merciless Supervisor

Level 120

Al Capone
Eagle Villager
Eagle Worshiper
Power Saw Murderer
Respected Warrior
Sealed Dragon

Level 121

Brutal Mutated Spider
City Chief Gatekeeper
Guardian of the Shrine
Mutated Spider
Shrine Patrol
Splendid Mutated Spider

Level 122

Alishan Leopard
Apostle of Death Guide
Billy the Desperado
Chainsaw Killer
Delicate Looter
Depraved Ultimate Fighter
Disguised Tlaltecuhtli
Eagle Knight
Eagle Patriarch
Eagle Shrine Knight
Faithful Ultimate Fighter
Fake Tlaltecuhtli
Indecent Slayer
Jaguar Knight
Jaguar Patriarch
Jaguar Shrine Knight
Rainstorm High Priest
Wind Sorceror

Level 123

Beautiful Young Lady
Bloody Old Fox
Blue Assasin
Crazy Punisher
Cruel Tamer
Gloomy Executioner
Merciless Tamer
Naughty Goblin
Poison-Horned Python
Wild Boar Sniper

Level 124

Attractive Young Lady
Giant Toad
Horned Python
Menacing Unicorn-Lion
Merciless Rakshasa
Roaring Unicorn-Lion
Sly Goblin
Sly Old Fox

Level 125

Apostle of Death Guide
Crazy Rakshasa
Lamp Ghost
Lamp Spirit
Lost Apostle of Death
Mutated Spider King
Poisonous Toad
Reckless Control System
Tombstone Ghost
Tombstone Ghost Warrior
Wandering Apostle of Death
Wandering Souls' Shepherd

Level 126

Ghost Triplets
Ghost Triplets Warrior
Insane Eagle King
Money Ghost

Level 127

Cursed Minotaur
Fake Quetzalcoatl
Gold Collecting Ghost
Monster Tamer
Monster Trainer
Ms. Pigling
Nether King's Chief Maid
Nether King's Maid

Level 128

Giant Beast of Madness

Level 129

Diabolic Guardmaster
Tlaltecuhtli King

Level 130

Guardian of the East
Guardian of the West
Tiger Lord

Level 150


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