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Lost Volcano Valley is a level 90 side quest chain featuring [Kikimora], [Kurbsky] and [Ruric]. The quest objectives focus around the Lost Volcano Valley dungeon. The quest chain can be reset by trading one [?] with [Hui Chao].

NPC Quest Objective Experience Gold Stamina Items
Kikimora 1. Ruric's Broken Axe Fetch [Broken Axe]×1 35,000 50,000 1 -
2. Ruric's Broken Shield Fetch [Broken Shield Fragment]×50 35,00 50,000 1 -
Kurbsky 4. Is There a Tamed Dinosaur Fetch [Huge Bridle]×50 35,000 50,000 1 -
5. Weird Looking Survivors Return to [Kikimora] to complete [Ruric's Broken Shield (quest)] quest 35,000 50,000 1 [Scroll of Vortex (Adv)]×2
6. The Past Hero Kill [Volcano Goblin] (45) 35,000 50,000 1 -


The following goods and information are required by some of the quests in the chain, and can be acquired in advance of receiving the quest. Mission: Roasted Mutton x100

Mission: Acquire [Item Info] on [Volcanic Raptor]

Mission: Acquire [Item Info] on [Flame Spirit]

Mission: Craft [Sturdy Quill] x5 (WL 200k)

  • 10 small feather
  • 10 charcoal
  • 5 green mold

Mission: Craft [Aroma Base] x100 (WL 1 mil)

  • 200 green mold
  • 50 salt

Mission: Craft [Mithril Alloy] x25 (WL 500k)

  • 9 mithriil ore
  • 3 silver ingot
  • 3 platinum
  • 3 clay
  • 1 fusing agent

Mission: Craft [Red Aroma Base] x50 (Wl 300k)

  • 100 green mold
  • 25 salt
  • 10 tannin

Mission: Answer [This Cursed Headache] Question => Moscow

Mission: Go to [Oslo]

Mission: Have Grade 4 mercenaries (2/2)

Mission: Answer [Hero's Friend] Question => Bluetooth

Mission: Have Grade 4 mercenaries (3/3)

Mission: Perfect Leather x60


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