Lucky Coin 2 is a level 145 Repeat Sub Quest that resets every day. It is one of six different lucky coin quests that gives Lucky Coins as a reward. Lucky Coins can be sold on the market or turned into NPC Collector Barteau for titles, the key to Corrupted Hanging Gardens, evil equipment boxes and pegasus equipment boxes.

Quest DetailsEdit

Quest Title Mission Rewards
1. Market Patrol Go to Mega Mart Experience: 5,000,000
Gold: 5,000,000
2. James Need Food Badly Beef Jerky Strips (0/20) from Hooligan
Dried Apricots (0/20) from Hooliganette
Can of Vegetables (0/20) from Robo-Hooligan
Experience: 20,000,000
Gold: 10,000,000
Lucky Coin x 5
3. Murder Mart Kill Murder-Mad Marty (0/1) Experience: 25,000,000
Gold: 10,000,000
Lucky Coin x 5
4. Crazy in Detroit Kill Hatchetface(0/1) Experience: 30,000,000
Gold: 10,000,000
Lucky Coin x 5

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