Pen and paper
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Craftable ItemsEdit

Level Item Crafting Materials Workload Exp Gain/Batch
1 [Machine: Search Robot VC1]×200 [Copper Flakes]×20
[Iron Sand]×10
[Silver Dust]×100
[Multi-Hued Crystal Shard]×5
210,000 4200
10 [Machine: Small Catapult ]×200 [Copper Flakes]×40
[Iron Sand]×20
[Refined Steel]×2
[Silver Dust]×150
[Gold Dust]×150
[Multi-Hued Crystal Shard]×10
520,000 10400
20 [[[Auto-Craft Doll MK-1


[Small Marionette]×1
[Mysterious Vial: Wisdom]×1
[Earth Element Shard]×300
[Normal Crafting Secrets]×100
[Polish ]×10
[Gold Dust ]×150
[Oil ]×15
[Small Bolt ]×15

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