The Mage is a Staff main character class.

Your foes may scoff at your low vitality and defensive level, but as a mage you have the ability to master a wide variety of spells. You can also equip and Orb, which increases your Attack Power and Intelligence. In your later levels, you truly become a force to be reckoned with. You replenish your allies' vitality with Blessing of Life magic, and learn the powerful Brutal Will spell to increase your mercenaries' attack power.

Basic Info Edit

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Skills Edit

Level 100 Upgrade Skill Edit

You must complete the Main Character level 100 Upgrade quest line to learn this skill.

  • Flame blow Flame Blow: Burn enemies with a powerful flame that strikes twice (AoE).

Level 120 Upgrade Skills Edit

You can learn only one of these skills. These skills can only be learned after level 120 upgrade.