Making Money /Gold.

Level 1-20

Normally there is really nothing you need to buy desperately along these levels and most items you need can be farmed from the monsters in whatever quest you are currently on.

However for the sake of knowing, here are a few ways.

1. Open boxes and sell their contents instead of using them on yourself.

(Sell them in the player market, not NPC)

Why? Because in most cases the boxes are cheap while items inside are expensive.

How this works? Boxes often give random items and you can never really be sure what you will get, so if your character needs heavy armor and you open 50 boxes that give different items that you don't need, it will be very difficult to sell all those other items when all you really needed was a helmet or a shoe. Most players who have the cash would rather pay an extra 25% or more to get the item they want rather than trying their luck and filling their inventory with garbage that takes a few hours to sell.

2. From here you can buy more expensive boxes to sell for more interest.  Currently as of 5/6/2013 volcano valley box costing less than 500,000  (500k) will often give out items  that can go up to 1.5 Milion. However the market is always changing and the game gets updated with new items making some items less desirable and drives down value.

Level 20-50

Summary: You trade cheap skillbooks with NPC named Goncourt.

He gives you an item (called: Book Box) that randomly gives better books, and some of those books can be worth 2,000 up to 20,000,000 gold or more depending on your luck and the market. ( and again, don't sell those books to an NPC, you must use the player markets found in almost every town.)

3. Third method is more difficult but the payoff is better than the previous method. The catch? The problem mentioned above that players want to avoid, a stuffed inventory.

This method is often called  "trading books" or book boxes. But the most popular term is simply "Goncourt"

Since this involves quite a few steps, we will simplify it, otherwise you can always just find a video online.

Step 1.  Have enough money to invest. A milion sounds fine. Half is doable. Perhaps 200,000 can also work.

Step 2, You need to buy books. ( SKILL BOOKS)  not EXP/CRAFTING books, Other books also will NOT work EX: book of anguish and so on.  It absolutely must be SKILL books. (the cheapest ones you can find.)

Step 3. You will need money equal to your books, meaning : You need 1,000 gold for each book you have.

EX: if you have 100 books, you need 100,000 gold  to pay the NPC named GONCOURT.

Note: shipping and handling fees will be required also. ( You need a few more thousands to pay the tax when you finally sell your finished product)

Step 4. Travel to bucharest. ( suggested that you enter the city and then walk right back out, so you can "Bookmark" or basically unlock the town  for  your transportation needs in the future. ( Travel Agency)

Step 5. From outside Bucharest,  Run South West. until you find the NPC named LIVINGSTONE

( approximately 10 seconds away from BUCHAREST, so if you dont find him, don't travel too far, you can also use the game info button at the top of your screen and click NPC and type  livingstone on the search box, on the bottom right you can click AUTOMOVE)

Step 6.  Talk to livingstone and scroll down to find  GONCOURT in his list of NPC ( he will charge you 1,000 gold)

Step 7.  Automove using  livingstone's window.

Step 8. Once you arrive at goncourt. Talk to him and trade your garbage SKILLBOOKS with him.

Step 9. he gives you boxes, open the boxes and sell whats inside :)  (the market is a little confusing at first, but the best system in any MMORPG I have seen in my life try to find guides on how those work)  Have fun!

Level 50+  TBS

Want a better way than popping boxes and running to Goncourt?

Well the TBS system is the best way to make money for mid levels 50+  and even high level players depend on TBS for their monetary needs (mostly) some have their own secrets or probably cash shopping it. But for everyone else, we need something more stable.


There are many guides online on how to do TBS missions, and many videos have been uploaded. However the general idea is to  enter the TBS mission  as a squad while not having any teammates.


So you can get all the rewards for yourself.

What makes money?

The boxes give random stuff,  but just about everything it spits out is going to make you rich.  Only one item type requires a different method.

So basically,  the gems, crystals and other precious stuff you get from the treasure box reward can all be sold in the player market.  But what about these " COINS ?"

The easiest way to deal with the coin is to teleport to rome BAZAAR

From there, find the NPC named Crassus ( if i remember his name correctly)

Sell him all your coin.

Other NPC also buy the coins,  Kim Man Duck and I think one other NPC. But the fastest to get to is the one in rome since you have a "Go to Rome" button on the --->> Right side of your screen.

Crassus is the guy who is dressed like the burger king guy.

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