Mandragora #2039

'Warning - Be careful! It looks like it may scream when you touch it.'
Type Medicine
Health Points


Only usable by main character. No
Trade Yes
Auction No

Warning: If you attempt to use this item and have less than 10,000 HPs it WILL kill you


  • ===Can be Obtained via the 'Barter Shop' in any occupied town===
  • ===also from the following boxes===
Box Select Content   Min. Level   Quantity  
Battlefield Treasure Chest 3
Evil Protector's Box 1
Immortal King's Treasure Box 1
Nimrod Treasure Box 1
Pirate's Treasure Box 1
Prison Officer's Safe 1
Sealed Dragon's Emblem Box 1
Secret Material Chest 1


  • ===Used in crafting the following:===
Name Type   Quantity  
Growth Vial IV Medicine 5
Growth Vial V Medicine 20
Multi-Hued Crystal Crystal 2
Multi-Hued Ink Bottle Stationery 2
Multi-Hued Jewel Crystal 3
Mysterious Vial: Death Medicine 4
Mysterious Vial: Valor Medicine 4
Mysterious Vial: Wisdom Medicine 4
Necromancy Nullification Powder Quest 1
Secret Vial for Memory Loss Quest 100
Wiseman's Golden Ink Bottle Stationery 1
Italic information is from Closed Beta Phase 3 of Atlantica Online, and unconfirmed for current version of Atlantica Online.
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