Mercenary Selection Summon Marble (Level 120) allow users to choose from a nice selection of pretty good mercenaries. This is a great opportunity to recruit a mercenary to your team/formation that would later on be difficult or expensive to obtain.

Tip: Some of these mercenaries are event mercenaries and while you can obtain them from this marble, you may not be able to get skills for them, or the skills may be obtainable, but prohibitively expensive, which makes them far less useful than another merc that you can fully skill up. Check the market and with other guild and nation members whether skills are available for any given merc before you recruit that merc.

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Choice of one of the below mercenaries. The selected mercenary joins your team at the same level as you main, up to a maximum of 120.

See each mercenary's page for a full summary of that mercenary, including cost.

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