Meteor Strike is a Magic Skill. See Skills for more information.

Meteor strike Meteor Strike

Damage Enemies in range by summoning powerful meteors from the sky (AoE).

Increasing Skill Levels: Edit

Via Skill Books: Edit

You can increase Skill levels using Skill Books:

Via Atlas Ore: Edit

Effects Edit

This skill scales with the caster's level.

Skill Level Merc Level* MP Health (PvE)
20 20 -560+25.6%
20 50 -850+25.8%
20 80 -1,100+26%
20 100 -1,372+26.2%
20 120 705 -1,524+27.4%
40 120 1,005 -2,004+36.2%
60 120 1,305 -2,484+45%
70 120 1,534 -2,952+50%
80 130
* Assumes that mercenary is fully upgraded.

History Edit

The Witch's Meteor Strike magic skill was updated to scale with the level of the mercenary in the Perils of Avalon Update.

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