The Mount Book shows what mounts there are in the game along with each mount's stats and other information.
Mount book page one

Mount book

You can store mounts to gain AT Mileage Points.

You can access the Mount Book from the game menu via Game Info > Mount

Storing Mounts Edit

  1. The mount must be in your inventory.
  2. Click the Register button in the Mount Book
  3. Select the mount to collect and click Confirm
  4. A dialog will tell you "[Mount Name] registered in Mount Book. It costs a fee of 100,000 gold to remove the mount."
  5. Click Yes to complete storing the mount

Retrieving Mounts Edit

  1. Find a collected mount in your Mount book
  2. Click on the mount and click the Retrieve Mount button int he Mount Book
  3. A dialog will tell you that "If you remove this mount from the Mount Book, it will cost 100,000 gold. If your inventory is full, the mount will be delivered to your mailbox".
  4. Click Yes to complete retrieval of the selected mount

Limitations Edit

  • Temporary mounts cannot be stored
  • Items registered in your Personal Store cannot be stored

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