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Evolution The Beginning

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Patch 7.04, titled The Age of Revolution (or Evolution: The Beginning in Korea), is a game patch released on February 18th, 2009.

Documented changesEdit

New hero classesEdit



New mercenaryEdit


Mercenary lease systemEdit

New hero skillsEdit

Chaos Edge − Damages an enemy with a blade of darkness; enemies who are affected by Brutal Will or Seth's Will take additional damage.
Warrior's Rage − Overpowers enemies in a burst of rage.
Flame Spear − Cause severe damage in a cross pattern.
Devastation Shell − Devastates enemy formations with a deadly cannonball.
Scorching Bullets − Burns enemies with scorching bullets; enemies who are affected by Deep Insight or Smoke Bomb take additional damage.
Arrow Cascade − Strikes enemies with a volley of arrows.
Flame Blow − Burns enemies with a scorching flame.

Equipment exchangeEdit

  • [Wild Cat] in Rome will exchange grade ten equipment of level 70 or higher for higher level equipment of grade seven or higher.
  • A Oriharukon enhance stone is required for the exchange.

New quest chainsEdit

Jiuzhaigou Ghost TownEdit

Lijiang Women's VillageEdit

Sea of Clouds TowerEdit

Human Heritage IEdit

Additional quest chainsEdit

New DungeonsEdit

Alcatraz PrisonEdit

Valley of OblivionEdit

Sealed Tower of DarknessEdit

Birthday systemEdit

  • A hero's birthday can be found in My Info -> Character -> D.O.B.
  • A birthday notice mail will be sent 15 days, seven days and one day before, as well as on the day of a hero's birthday.
  • [Birthday Acong] near Bordeaux will give players a [Gift Box] on the day before and on the day of the hero's birthday.
  • All characters including the hero and mercenaries will automatically level up to the next character level on the hero's birthday.

Player versus playerEdit


  • Nations can now gain experience points to level up.
  • Only nations above level five may use King's Judgment.
  • Nations now have a nation warehouse. Storage size will depend on the nation level. The warehouse can be accessed from [Caesar].
  • Guild and town quests now yield more experience and guild points. New types of quest have been added.
  • Manager's scrolls can be used up to five times in a day.
  • When a hero below character level 30 sends mail, they will expend 50% will. This does not apply to friend/guild/mentor/referrer mails.
  • View your referrals from a new menu accessible via Community -> Referrer.
  • When a friend levels up beyond character level 50, players will gain additional experience for up to an hour (previously it was ten minutes).
  • Referrals will no longer give points upon referee registration; points are given one the referee reaches character level 30.





  • The mercenary room has been increased from ten slots to a maximum of 20.
  • The extended material bag limit has been increased to hold four rows instead of two, and the interface has been adjusted.
  • [Blessing Potion]s and [Auto-Search License]s can be turned on and off by going to My Info -> Character > Effect and toggling Effect Status. However, the duration time will keep running.
  • Players can now turn passive magic on or off by going to My Info > Skills > Magic.

World environmentEdit

Mount BookEdit

  • The mount book is accessible through Game Info -> Mount Book.
  • Mounts can now be stored in the mount book, just like the warehouse.
  • There is a service fee of 100,000 gold per mount stored.
  • Storing mounts will generate collection points every day.
  • Players can use collection points to purchase items from [Pointry].

General changes and bug fixesEdit

  • Three new hair styles have been added: long wave, afro and rasta.
  • Players can now send mail in bulk to their nation, guild, and friends for a fixed price (500,000 for nations, 100,000 for guilds, and 50,000 for friends).
  • The launcher has been updated.
  • Betting limits have been increased by five times.
  • The number of items a player can sell in the market increases when the hero reaches character level 90, and every ten levels thereafter.
  • Players can now choose to hide their weapon.
  • The challenge button will no longer flash while in combat.
  • My store categories are now alphabetized.
  • The experience obtained window while in a party has been modified.
  • Quiz room management is now implemented.
  • The trading post system has been added: each town's trading post now buys and sells regional products. Prices will fluctuate based on the availability of products. Players must buy the [Trade Permission] item from the market for a fixed price before they can buy and sell regional products.

Undocumented changesEdit

  • Game engine updated to significantly improve performance, particularly during extended play.
  • Melee mercenary damage in free league reduced significantly.
  • Character model for [Maximus] changed to the model for new NPC [Proximo].
  • New character model for [Mehmed II].


  • Nations can acquire experience but cannot gain any nation levels.
  • Some players cannot craft helmets any more. Experience is retained, but the skill is unlearned and cannot be relearned.

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