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The Pirate (Anne Bonny) is a grade B Sword Mercenary.

Sailor portrait

What the Pirate lacks in defense, she more than makes up for in speed and ruthlessness. With a sword in either hand, she leaves a trail of corpses behind her. Those who survive her attack are slowed by the poison of her blades.

While her Toxic Sword magic adds poison damage to her physical attack, she can also bolster the attack power of other sword mercenaries with Marauder's Edge and deal massive magic damage with Crimson Blade and Blood Vengeance.

You can have up to 1 of this mercenary.

Characteristics Edit

Attributes Edit

Basic Attack Edit

Recruitment Edit

Upgrades Edit

Phoenix Soul Crystal and Phoenix Soul Jewel.

Class Level Requirements Str Int Dex Vit Def MDef
Pirate 1 None 407 175 286 234 50 145
Pirate I 20 50 Phoenix Soul Crystal 440 186 296 250 50 145
Pirate II 50 100 Phoenix Soul Crystal 484 208 296 285 50 145
Anne Bonny 80 20 Phoenix Soul Jewel 517 252 318 304 50 145
Anne Bonny I 100 40 Phoenix Soul Jewel 582 269 355 327 50 145
Anne Bonny II 120 60 Phoenix Soul Jewel 663 283 376 343 50 145
Anne Bonny III 130 80 Phoenix Soul Jewel 739 301 396 358 50 145
Anne Bonny IV 140 80 Phoenix Soul Jewel 824 321 417 374 50 145
Anne Bonny V 150 80 Phoenix Soul Jewel 919 349 442 395 50 145
Anne Bonny VI 160 80 Phoenix Soul Jewel 1102 418 530 474 50 145

Skills Edit

This Mercenary can use these Magic Skills:

Toxic sword Toxic Sword Edit

Causes damage at a certain rate and the enemy who's been attacked will be poisoned. This magic is not affected by charms or increased weapon skill.

Blood vengeance Blood Vengeance Edit

Deal severe damage to one enemy, in exchange for damage to one of your own mercenaries at random.

Crimson blade Crimson Blade Edit

Summons the Crimson Blade to damage enemies.

Marauder's edge Marauder's Edge Edit

Increases Attack Power and Multi-Hit Rate in swords of Formation (AoE).

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