This item can no longer be obtained by any means. Players that still have the item can use it as normal.

Power Up License is a license that imbues a player's characters with 50% extra attack power. The bonus remains in effect for 20 hours or until all 50 charges are used up. A charge is consumed automatically at the start of each PvE battle. Requires hero level 80 to use.

Basic Information

Type: License
Can't be sold at auction.
Cannot be used in combat.
Effect: "Your attack power will increase by 50% during 50 battles. If you use up all availible power up battles, your attack power will return to its original level."

Crafting Edit

Production Rate: 10 per batch.
Necessary workload: 150000
License skill must be 5 or higher.
Experience gained per batch: 3000
Crafting Materials
Ashen Crystal200
Colorful Fabric10