Obtained from
[Beast Trainer Nari]
Qualification Test 1
Hunt [Starved Camel] for [Dried Camel Tongue]×20
Please pull out the tongues of twenty [Starved Camels] and bring them to me.
The medicine I make with the [Dried Camel Tongues] can be used to revive injured and unconscious allies.
It tastes awful, though.

Rewards Edit

Chain Edit

This quest is part of the Beast Trainer Recruiting quest chain.

  1. Qualification Test 1
  2. Qualification Test 2
  3. Qualification Test 3
  4. To Hwa Man
  5. Test of Courage
  6. Test of Wisdom
  7. Test of Power
  8. Test of Pride
  9. Dark Harpy's Claws
  10. Enchanted Bone
  11. Red Eyeballs
  12. Bao Sanniang, the Supplier
  13. Collecting War Supplies 1
  14. Collecting War Supplies 2
  15. Collecting War Supplies 3
  16. Last Favor

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